What’s Included

Welcome to SENsible SENCO, your go-to resource for all things related to SEN. With access to intervention directories, trusted resources, tailored insights, and expert advice you’ll feel confident and equipped to make a positive impact on the lives of the children you support.


Get instant access to these free resources.


Video Library

Get access to our YouTube and partner videos in one conveinent place


Resource Library

Created and curated resources by our 12,000+ amazing SENCOs. and partners


Intervention Directory

Updated regularly suggestions of 100’s of intervention programmes in one platform.


SENCO Newsletter

Get the latest information in the world of SEN, plus a bit on what we are up to in our friendly weekly updates.

Individual Member

This is prefect for individual SENCOs. You get everything in the ‘Free’ membership, plus…


Free Live Webinars

From SEN professionals in legal, inspections, dyslexia, SLCN and even our own whine and wine sessions, our webinars allow you to ask the questions you need and get support there and then.


Access the Recordings

Missed a live session? No worries, we recorded the majority of the sessions and host them in the Video Library for you to watch whenever you want.  We understand how difficult it is to make live sessions as a SENCO. So this should help!

Monthly Training

Our own Abigail has recorded 8 sessions that relate to the role of a SENCO these include Provision Mapping, Inclusive classrooms and many more, you can see the whole list in our series of support section.

£100 Book Prize Draw

Automatic entry to a £100 monthly draw for SEN related books.

Give back to the community by helping to support the staff who support the children.

Book Shop Discounts

We know budgets are tight for schools, so for our members we are offering always low prices within our book shop, you should see books with 15-20% off the RRP.

Community Site Access

Coming soon.  We are opening a members only community area of the website, want to chat to SENCOs in your area? Want to find out the how your LA works compared to others? Whilst we love the Facebook community, this one will be more secure and sectioned down to the areas you have requested in the past.

School Membership

This yearly membership is perfect for whole-school SEN support. You get everything in the ‘Free’ and ‘Members’ plans, plus…


In-School Consultancy

Lowered rates from our SENDCO Solutions consultancy business.  Including:

  • Online 1:1 Support and SENCO Mentoring
  • Whole School SEND Reviews
  • Provision Mapping Support
  • Custom packages

Everything your school needs to make sure your are supporting your SENCO and pupils.

SENsible SENCO Planner

Every SENCO needs a planner, it’s not only a tool to plan with, for most SENCOs it’s a lifeline of support.  A free place to put everything you need in one convienent location. 

All of our school plans come with a SENCO planner sent out each year. 

Quality First Teaching Booklets

From September 2024 we will have a selection of quality first teaching booklets available to download for SENCOs to share around to staff and help them learn more about how to help pupils with SEN whilst remembering the other pupils in the class.

6 Training Sessions

We see it a lot in the Community, “where can I find a training session on this for an inset I need to do?” Well, starting September 2024 we will be introducing 6 sessions per year that you can train out to your staff on insets and other CPD events.  Saving you value time. 

Partner Deals

Our supportive partners will be offering discounted rates on products and services for our school members and above.   You’ll see these updated in our new community section that is coming soon!

LA/MAT Membership (Coming Soon)

This yearly membership is perfect for multi schools who want to share resources. You get everything in the ‘Free’ and ‘School’ plans, plus…


Group Discount

Have 5 or more schools that want to join? We lower are already low year price further to help you to support all your SENCOs and support staff.

Own Content

This membership level gives you your own group, which means we can offer to host your videos and content giving you one secure place for staff support.

Free To All

Even if you’re not a SENsible SENCO member, we have resources that are super helpful for all SENCOs out there. Including: