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Is your SENCO struggling? Do they have a huge amount of EHCP paperwork to trawl through? Do they seem to constantly be firefighting the day-to-day stuff and finding it impossible to plan ahead?  Well, you’re not alone, at the moment SENCOs across the UK are under such pressure they are actually breaking from the stress and lack of resources they have.  Teaching assistant turnover and the local authorities paperwork for EHCPs are something that comes up as a major block in SENCO time from our group of over 10,000 SENCOs and SEN professionals.

So, how can we help? Supporting SENCOs across the UK is something we have done now for many years, Abigial Hawkins FCCT has been there, done that and got several T-Shirts and awards for her support to this group of highly stressed individuals.  Being a SENCO is a lonely job, but it doesn’t have to be.  We can support, train and review your SENCO to make them the best SEND Coordinator in the area.  By review we mean offer, not actually reviewing the SENCO, that would be strange…

We aren’t the cheapest on the market, but we have the support and praise of thousands of SENCOs across the UK who will all want to be developed and helped by us. And we’ve won a few awards!  The best way to help people is to use people who are already known and trust by them.

Abigail’s onsite CPD session was fantastic with lots of opportunities to reflect on the practice in our schools. An engaging and enjoyable delivery that suited staff at levels in school.

Paddy McMahon

Head, Catholic Federation of Oldham Schools

School Support Services for SEN

There are 3 main types of support that we can provide Training, Reviews and School Support, each of them delivered at the highest quality and result in an improved SEN offer.  If you want something different to these, please get in touch!




How It Works



Talk to our friendly and professional team about your needs and let us design a bespoke package that suits your requirements.



Do you want it in person or online? We have a huge scope of different ways to deliver that can be used.  We love a webinar, and can even create on-demand systems for training as and when you need.



Our high-quality delivery, engages and captivates the audience time and time again.  We give SENCOs and SEN support staff practical takeaways that they can bring back to their schools.  Give them something to follow up on? We can provide material for them to complete after the session to check their learnings.

Client Testimonials

Abigail’s onsite CPD session was fantastic with lots of opportunities to reflect on the practice in our schools. An engaging and enjoyable delivery that suited staff at levels in school.

Paddy McMahon

Head, Catholic Federation of Oldham Schools

On behalf of our Trust, a huge thank you for the fantastic sessions you really did ‘hit the mark’ and you focused very much on our focus on ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Inclusive Practice’. It also has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and I very much look forward to planning and delivering our next sessions.


Trust Lead

Thank you so much – it’s really kicked off the new year with a great focus on teaching and SEND – perfect for everyone.

F Johnson


It was done in a friendly and supportive way and I now have a much clearer idea of what I need to action quickly and what to put on my plans going forward. It was beyond useful!

Debbie Brown


Abigail was supportive, had a wealth of knowledge and was there to provide us with ideas to make our SEND provision even better. It was done in a way that felt collaborative and helpful.



Thank you, for enabling the governors and SLT at my school to understand their obligations and the pressures of the SENCO role. I was delighted with the report that you wrote for us, and although this means I now have lots of work to do, the school fully understands “why”.



You probably get many requests like mine but I can wholeheartedly say that you have been a lifesaver. To get such an instant reply to my worries and questions is absolutely amazing. You are doing an amazing job and I hope you take on board how much we appreciate you.



I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for your invaluable contribution to the leadership of SEND network yesterday.  Your presentation on Managing the EHCP and other statutory processes was informative, insightful, and inspiring. Your experience and expertise were evident, and I am certain everyone who attended the webinar learned much from you. Your presentation was well-received, and we appreciate the time and effort you took to prepare it. Your contribution has helped us better understand the challenges of managing EHCP and other statutory processes and the best ways to support pupils within the system. 

Once again, thank you for your outstanding contribution to the leadership of SEND network. We hope to work with you again soon. 

Church of England Foundation of Educational Leadership (CEFEL)

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