SEN Health Check

Our SEN Health Checks offer a thorough evaluation designed to assess the effectiveness of your school’s Special Educational Needs provision. This comprehensive analysis delves deeply into your existing strategies, resources, and support frameworks, ensuring that each student’s unique requirements are met with precision.

What You Get

Unveiling our SEN Health Check Report, an all-encompassing evaluation that delivers customised suggestions specifically tailored for your school. This report offers a comprehensive assessment of your SEN provision, identifying areas of strength and those that could benefit from enhancements.

Our recommendations are not just theoretical; they come with guided implementation and ongoing support. We help you put these improvements into practice, ensuring their effectiveness and your comfort in managing them.

With our assistance, you can provide your students with the best opportunity to succeed. Our guidance and tools are designed to boost the potential of each student, fostering an environment of achievement and growth.

Finally, with our nationwide coverage, you can have the confidence of having the right tools and support in place for your SEN provision. As experts in the field, we stand ready to help schools across the country elevate their SEN offerings.

The Report: Your Personalised Plan for the Future

Once you’ve embarked on our SEN Health Check journey, you’ll gain access to a powerful tool – a detailed and insightful report that serves as a compass to guide your school towards a more inclusive and effective Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision.

Our meticulously prepared SEN Health Check report is the culmination of a comprehensive assessment, expert analysis, and practical recommendations. This document holds the key to unlocking the full potential of your school’s SEN provision.

Executive Summary

Get a high-level overview of the assessment results, key findings, and top-level recommendations.

Assessment Details

Dive into the specifics of the assessment process, methodologies, and data collected.

Strengths Acknowledged

Identify the strengths and effective practices within your current SEN provision.

Areas for Enhancement

Discover the areas that have room for improvement and need attention.

Actionable Recommendations

Receive detailed recommendations, each accompanied by clear rationales and implementation strategies.

Timeline and Prioritisation

Find guidance on how to prioritise and implement the recommendations over time.

Resource Allocation

Gain insights into the resources required, whether they are staff training, materials, or technological tools.

Long-Term Vision

Visualise the potential impact of implementing the recommendations in the long run.

Sustaining Excellence: Ongoing Support Tailored to Your Needs

Embarking on the path to enhancing your school’s Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision is not just a one-time endeavor – it’s a journey of continuous growth and refinement.

That’s why, alongside our comprehensive SEN Health Checks, we offer a steadfast commitment to ongoing support, ensuring that your institution thrives in creating an inclusive and empowering educational environment.

Tailored Workshops

Participate in workshops customised to address specific aspects of your SEN provision. These workshops empower your team with practical skills and strategies for success.

Scheduled Consultations

Regular consultation sessions provide a platform to discuss progress, challenges, and adjustments. These conversations ensure that you remain on the right path towards enhancing your SEN provision.

Resource Sharing

Gain access to a wealth of resources, materials, and research that support your ongoing efforts in creating an inclusive and effective learning environment.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with other educators and institutions that are on a similar journey. Sharing experiences and insights can provide fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.

Long-Term Partnership

Our commitment to ongoing support is a testament to our dedication to your school’s success. We’re here to support your evolving needs and ensure sustained improvement.

Client Testimonials

It was done in a friendly and supportive way and I now have a much clearer idea of what I need to action quickly and what to put on my plans going forward. It was beyond useful!

Debbie Brown


Abigail was supportive, had a wealth of knowledge and was there to provide us with ideas to make our SEND provision even better. It was done in a way that felt collaborative and helpful.



Thank you, for enabling the governors and SLT at my school to understand their obligations and the pressures of the SENCO role. I was delighted with the report that you wrote for us, and although this means I now have lots of work to do, the school fully understands “why”.




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