Why Use a Niche Sector Job Board to Find SEND Candidates.

by | May 16, 2023

Why Use a Niche Sector Job Board to Find SEND Candidates

As the teacher recruitment and retention crisis is ramping up, the future is looking increasingly worrying for the education sector. The teaching workforce is decreasing, the impact of which will be severe.

At Senploy, we are determined not to let the Special Education sector fall into crisis.  We have made it easy for schools to cost effectively advertise and engage with talented SEN professionals.

Senploy is a SEND specific job portal, giving schools the tools they need to adopt a targeted approach to their recruitment strategy. Feedback tells us that Senploy is a worthy alternative to the more traditional education job boards which are seemingly expensive and often unsuccessful.

Here are several reasons why it may be worth considering advertising your SEND vacancies on Senploy:

  1. Targeted job listings: Niche sector job boards specialise in a specific industry or profession, which means that job seekers can find job listings that are highly relevant to their skills and experience.
  2. Industry-specific resources: Niche sector job boards often provide resources and information that are specific to a particular industry or profession. This can include industry news, career advice, and networking opportunities. Look at www.senploy.co.uk/resources to find SEND focused information.
  3. Increased visibility: Niche sector job boards may have a smaller audience than general job boards, but the audience is highly targeted. This means that your job listing may be seen by more qualified candidates who are actively looking for jobs in your industry.
  4. Reduced competition: If you’re recruiting for a highly specialised role, you may find there is less competition on a niche sector job board than on a general job board. This can help you attract a more qualified pool of candidates.

Cost-effective: Niche sector job boards may be more cost-effective than general job boards, as they typically have lower advertising costs and offer more targeted advertising options. This can help you get more value for your recruitment budget. For information about costs, please email [email protected]

Why not try something new to find the SEND candidates you need for your school?

Amy Allen

Amy Allen

Director of SENploy

Amy has been the MD at Senploy for over 5 years, they are specialists with our focus solely on the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities sector.

Senploy is working hard to transform SEND businesses and careers by bringing together talent. Since the beginning, we have been specialists, focusing on a niche sector and it will always remain this way.

Senploy gives job seekers the chance to search by what matters to them, making it easy to unleash your SEND potential and find a SEN job you love.

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