Unlocking Communication: Enhancing SEND Inclusion with Widgit by Sue White

by | Feb 11, 2023

Unlocking Communication: Enhancing SEND Inclusion with Widgit by Sue White

by | Feb 11, 2023

Empowering SEND Pupil Communication with Widgit: Insights from Sue White

The Role of Visuals in SEND Communication

Sue White opened the webinar with a compelling introduction to Widgit, emphasizing its crucial role in assisting pupils with SEND to communicate their feelings and regulate their behavior. She illustrated how visual supports can create more inclusive learning environments where all students feel valued and understood.

Enhancing Vocabulary and Managing Transitions

The discussion highlighted innovative ways to build vocabulary and support students through class and school transitions. Sue shared examples, such as adapting reward charts and pre-teaching academic vocabulary with visual aids, demonstrating how these strategies contribute to a smoother educational journey for SEND pupils.

Adapting Classroom Resources for SEND

Sue provided practical advice on customizing classroom resources to meet the needs of students with SEND. From personalized visual aids to subject-specific terminology illustrations, she showcased how educators could make every lesson more accessible and engaging.

Implementing a Whole School Approach to Inclusion

A key takeaway from the webinar was the importance of a unified approach to inclusion within schools. Sue stressed consistency in using visual aids across all classrooms and subjects, ensuring that every student benefits from an environment that champions diversity and supports individual learning needs.

Previewing Widgit’s SEND Communications Capabilities

Attendees were treated to a preview of Widgit’s user-friendly interface, illustrating how effortlessly personalized visuals can be created for pupils. This hands-on demonstration underscored Widgit’s potential to revolutionize communication and learning for students with SEND.

Sue White: An Advocate for Inclusive Education

With her extensive background as a teacher, SENCo, and educational specialist, Sue White brought invaluable insights into enhancing SEND support through Widgit. Her expertise illuminated the session, providing attendees with the knowledge and tools to foster positive wellbeing and academic success among SEND pupils.

This webinar with Sue White offered a comprehensive look into leveraging Widgit for better communication and inclusion in schools, empowering educators to support SEND students effectively. Her practical examples and strategies highlighted the significant impact of visual aids in creating an engaging and supportive learning atmosphere for all students.