We are all WINNERS! Nexus Award winner 2022 for inclusion

by | Jun 12, 2022

Inclusion 2022 Award from Nexus

3rd June 2022…Nexus-education Awards Ceremony

What a great way to start our first newsletter?  With the news that SENsible SENCO won an inclusion award at the Nexus education 2022 ceremony.

The award was presented to Abigail Hawkins to recognise the support provided to SENCOs over and beyond the lockdown period caused by Covid. Abigail accepted the award on behalf of, and acknowledged, the SENsible SENCO community. Whilst she may be the founder and owner of the group, playing an integral part in building the community and providing sound SEN advice, she is very clear that it is the collective support of the hive mind within the group that makes it what it is.


Nominations for the award are taken from blog posts posted on the Nexus education website. There were many highly commendable posts about inclusion with lots of valuable advice. Abigail‘s post was celebrating the SENsible SENCO community.

So, well done SENsible SENCOers (another new word for the dictionary), let’s keep on being inclusive!

Many thanks to CPOMS, the sponsors of the inclusion award, for choosing Abigail’s post.

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