Hamish and Milo – A Culture of Wellbeing

by | Jan 11, 2023

Hamish and Milo – A Culture of Wellbeing

by | Jan 11, 2023

Empowering Educational Communities Through SEMH Interventions with Hamish and Milo

Addressing SEMH Needs with the Hamish and Milo Program

In a compelling session led by Clare Williams, attendees were introduced to the innovative “SEMH Interventions with Hamish and Milo,” shedding light on the critical role of mental health support in schools. Clare discussed the concerning statistic that one in six children in the UK face mental health challenges, emphasizing the need for comprehensive strategies to support the wellbeing of both students and staff.

Core Elements of Wellbeing and Targeted Interventions

The webinar outlined the Hamish and Milo program’s four core elements of great wellbeing, providing a framework for schools to develop effective mental health interventions. Clare shared insights into the program’s 10-week intervention strategy, designed to nurture emotional and social health in primary settings, and teased the potential adaptation for secondary education.

Measuring Success and Supporting Staff

A pivotal part of the discussion focused on measuring the impact of SEMH interventions and the importance of staff development in fostering a supportive school environment. Clare highlighted how the Hamish and Milo program not only aids pupils but also offers crucial resources for staff wellbeing, ensuring a holistic approach to mental health in educational contexts.

The Vision Behind Hamish and Milo

As the director of Hamish and Milo and with her extensive background in supporting educational and psychological wellbeing, Clare Williams brought a wealth of experience to the webinar. Her roles have spanned from primary education to senior training positions, illustrating her deep commitment to enhancing SEMH support through innovative and evidence-based practices.

This insightful session with Clare Williams provided participants with a comprehensive understanding of SEMH challenges in schools and introduced the Hamish and Milo program as a viable solution for addressing these issues. Attendees left equipped with practical strategies for improving mental health support for students and staff, inspired by the potential of targeted interventions to create more resilient and supportive educational communities.