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Assistive Technology in Schools: Expert Panel Key Questions

by | Jan 11, 2023

Assistive Technology in Schools: Expert Panel Key Questions

by | Jan 11, 2023

Harnessing the Power of Assistive Technology in Schools

A Comprehensive Look at Assistive Technology in Schools

Our inaugural panel webinar brought together leading experts in the field of educational technology to explore “Assistive Technology in Schools.” Panelists Arran Smith from Microsoft, Paddy McGrath from TextHelp, Katie Fitch from Cricksoft, Luke Butcher from IDL, and Jim Bowen from Scanning Pens, provided invaluable insights into how AT can transform learning experiences for students with diverse needs.

Facilitating Speech to Text and Writing in the Classroom

The panelists discussed innovative ways to implement speech-to-text and writing technologies, emphasizing the importance of making classrooms more accessible and inclusive. The consensus highlighted that such technologies not only support students with specific learning difficulties but also enhance the learning environment for all students.

Debating Mobile Phones in Schools

A significant part of the discussion centered around mobile phone policies in schools. The panelists debated the pros and cons, with a unanimous agreement on the potential of mobile devices as tools for learning when used appropriately, stressing the need for balanced and well-considered policies.

Funding Assistive Technology

Funding emerged as a crucial topic, with experts sharing insights into leveraging existing resources, grants, and the apprenticeship levy to support the integration of AT in schools. The discussion underscored the necessity of making AT a priority within educational budgets to ensure equitable access for all students.

Assistive Technology and Safeguarding

The panel also touched on the role of AT in safeguarding, illustrating how technology can be employed to protect students online and ensure a safe learning environment. Best practices around digital citizenship and online safety were shared, highlighting the dual role of AT in education and protection.

Envisioning the Future of Assistive Technology

Looking ahead, the experts shared their visions for the future of AT in schools, predicting increased personalization, integration, and a shift towards technologies that seamlessly adapt to individual learner needs. The discussion concluded with an acknowledgment of the untapped potential of AT sitting in the proverbial “technology cupboard” and a call to action for schools to fully utilize available tools.

This panel webinar offered a comprehensive exploration of assistive technology in schools, addressing critical questions and providing actionable insights for educators looking to integrate AT into their teaching practices. The expert opinions and real-world examples presented underscore the importance of embracing technology to create inclusive and effective learning environments.

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