ADHD in SEN Education: Insights into Brain Function

by | Jan 11, 2023

ADHD in SEN Education: Insights into Brain Function

by | Jan 11, 2023

Decoding ADHD within the SEN Spectrum

Understanding ADHD in SEN Education through Brain Science

Maree Thorn’s compelling session on “ADHD in SEN Education” offered attendees a comprehensive look at how the brain operates and the distinct position ADHD occupies within the special educational needs (SEN) domain. Drawing from her extensive experience with SEND Success UK, Maree illuminated the complexities of ADHD, emphasizing its neurological underpinnings and impact on learning and behavior.

Exploring the Brain’s Structure and ADHD

The webinar delved into the structure of the brain, providing a foundation for understanding how ADHD influences cognitive and emotional processes. Maree discussed the importance of recognizing ADHD not just as a behavioral condition but as a neurological variation that necessitates tailored educational and support strategies.

Comorbid Conditions and Learning Challenges

A significant portion of the discussion focused on common comorbid conditions associated with ADHD, such as anxiety, dyslexia, and autism spectrum disorder. Maree highlighted the interplay between these conditions, stressing the need for an integrated approach to support that addresses the full spectrum of a child’s needs.

Strategies for Regulating Emotions and Learning

Maree provided insights into the challenges individuals with ADHD face in regulating emotions and engaging in learning. She shared practical strategies for educators and parents to support emotional regulation and foster a conducive learning environment, ensuring that students with ADHD can achieve their potential.

Identifying Traits and Encouraging Diagnosis

The webinar concluded with a discussion on the characteristic traits of ADHD and the importance of accurate identification and diagnosis. Maree’s persuasive arguments on the benefits of assessment left an impression on attendees, including Abigail and Gavin, prompting a reevaluation of their own experiences in light of the information presented.

Maree Thorn’s expertise in ADHD and dedication to enhancing support for individuals with SEN shone throughout the webinar. Her presentation not only broadened participants’ understanding of ADHD in the context of SEN education but also equipped them with knowledge and tools to better support students in achieving successful educational outcomes.

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