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The Value of a SENCO’s Time and the Importance of Delegation in Supporting Children with SEND

by | Jun 16, 2023

The Value of a SENCO’s Time and the Importance of Delegation in Supporting Children with SEND


Teachers possess remarkable skills in creating resources and solutions when they can’t find what they need. The SENsible SENCO group is a valuable platform for educators to collaborate and adapt existing materials. However, there are instances when teachers, especially Special Educational Needs Coordinators (SENCOs), find themselves unintentionally exploited by their schools. These institutions may claim a lack of financial resources, leading teachers to create alternative solutions. This article aims to shed light on the fact that a SENCO’s time is valuable and highlights the importance of delegation in supporting children with SEND effectively.

Recognising the Value of a SENCO’s Time:

SENCOs are highly skilled professionals with expertise in supporting children with special educational needs. When schools rely on SENCOs to fill gaps in services or resources due to financial constraints, they often dedicate their own time and effort to create tailored solutions. However, it is crucial to recognize that this commitment comes at a cost. The time spent designing, implementing, and managing these solutions is time diverted from directly supporting the children with SEND who need their expertise the most.

Striking a Balance:

SENCOs face the challenge of balancing their effectiveness as educators with the additional responsibilities placed upon them. Creating customised solutions can be a time-consuming task, leaving limited time for other crucial aspects of their role, such as individualised instruction, progress monitoring, and collaboration with teachers and parents. It becomes imperative for SENCOs to find a balance between fulfilling their obligations and maximizing their impact. One effective approach to address this issue is through delegation.

The Power of Delegation:

Delegation involves assigning specific tasks to individuals within the school community who possess the necessary skills or resources. When school leaders and administrators recognize the value of a SENCO’s time and expertise, they can promote effective delegation strategies. By identifying capable individuals, such as teaching assistants or other staff members, and empowering them to take on certain responsibilities, the workload of the SENCO can be lightened. This not only allows the SENCO to focus more on direct student support but also ensures that children with SEND receive comprehensive support through a collective effort.

Creating an Enabling Environment:

Schools need to foster an environment that not only acknowledges the importance of SEND but also prioritises it. This requires school leaders to demonstrate a strong commitment to supporting children with special educational needs. Adequate financial resources should be allocated to provide the necessary tools and interventions. One such enabling software is Connecting Steps from B Squared, a specialised software that can streamline processes, save valuable time for SENCOs, and enhance the monitoring and assessment of students’ progress. By investing in software from companies like B Squared, schools can empower SENCOs to focus their time and energy on direct student support, rather than spending excessive time on administrative tasks.

Supporting SENCOs for Success:

To prevent burnout and enhance the effectiveness of SENCOs, schools must provide ongoing support. This support includes allocating sufficient financial resources to employ an appropriate number of SENCOs, providing professional development opportunities specifically tailored to their needs, and ensuring an inclusive ethos throughout the institution. Additionally, establishing a collaborative culture where teachers, parents, and administrators work together to support children with SEND can significantly lighten the load on SENCOs and enable them to be more effective in their roles.


SENCOs play a pivotal role in supporting children with SEND, leveraging their expertise and resourcefulness to address their unique needs. However, it is essential to recognise and respect the value of a SENCO’s time. Schools must prioritise the effective allocation of resources and support delegation strategies to lighten the workload of SENCOs, ensuring they can focus on providing direct support to children with special educational needs. By creating an enabling environment that values and supports SENCOs, including the use of specialised software like Connecting Step by B Squared, schools can optimise outcomes for children with SEND and foster an inclusive educational experience for all students.

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Dale Pickles

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