ChatGPT & AI: Using AI in Education for SENCOs and Teachers

by | May 5, 2023

ChatGPT & AI: Using AI in Education for SENCOs and Teachers

by | May 5, 2023

Using AI to Enhance Educational Support

AI as a Catalyst for Efficiency

Abigail Hawkins initiated the session by addressing how AI, particularly ChatGPT, has emerged as a significant asset for educators, offering substantial time-saving advantages. She elaborated on the efficiency AI introduces in education, especially for SENCOs juggling various responsibilities.

Exploring the Best AI Tools for Educators

The webinar delved into a curated list of AI tools deemed most beneficial for school teachers and SENCOs. Abigail provided an overview of each product’s capabilities, focusing on their applicability and impact in educational settings.

Getting Started with AI and ChatGPT

A practical guide to setting up AI for supporting in education tools, with a spotlight on ChatGPT, equipped attendees with the know-how to integrate these technologies into their daily workflows. Abigail demystified the setup process, ensuring even novices could navigate these platforms confidently.

Optimizing Interactions with AI

Key to the discussion was leveraging AI effectively. Abigail shared strategies on what queries to pose to AI systems like ChatGPT to garner the best results, enhancing support for SEN students and streamlining administrative tasks.

Abigail Hawkins: A Visionary in SEN Support

With over 25 years as a SENCO and her involvement with Ed-Tech developments, Abigail Hawkins brought a wealth of experience to the webinar. Her contributions to SENsible SENCO and SENDCO Solutions underscore her commitment to enhancing SEN support across the UK.

This webinar offered invaluable insights into the potential of AI and ChatGPT to transform educational support and efficiency. Attendees gained a comprehensive understanding of integrating AI into their practices, armed with practical advice and inspired by Abigail Hawkins’s expertise and dedication to improving SEN support through technology.

More AI in Education Support each year.

Each year we will be running an additional webinar covering AI in Education and how it can be used as a SENCO to reduce workload and enhance the support for your students.

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