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Understanding Your SEND Budget

by | Oct 3, 2023

Hello there, fellow navigators of the winding paths of SEN paperwork! I must say, there are times when I think my SEND budget is like my favourite chocolate biscuit – I understand its importance, but when I reach for it, I’m often left wondering where it’s all gone. Dive with me into the not-so-chocolatey world of SEND budgets, and by the end, perhaps we’ll both be a little wiser and less likely to use our budgets on biscuits.


What is the SEND Budget?


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) funding is a designated portion of a school’s overall budget, specifically allocated to support pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities. The goal is to ensure that these students have equal access to education and resources, thereby promoting inclusion and diversity in schools.


Sources of Funding


  1. Mainstream School Budgets: Every school receives an element of funding within their overall budget allocation for SEND. This is often referred to as ‘notional SEND funding.’ The expectation is that schools will provide support for pupils with SEND from this budget for up to £6,000 per student per year. This does not mean £,6000 per student is received, nor that all students will need £6,000 to be spent.


  1. Local Authority High Needs Funding: When a child’s needs surpass the £6,000 threshold, some local authorities allow schools to apply for ‘top-up’ funding from the local authority’s high needs block. This funding is typically reserved for pupils with Education, Health, and Care (EHC) plans, or those who require a significant level of support.


How is it Determined?


The amount of SEND funding a school receives is based on several factors, including:


– Historical data and trends related to any factor other than SEND in the school.


– Other socio-economic factors.


It is not based on the number of SEN students identified on the register, as this is considered a perverse figure. 


Significance of the SEND Budget


The SEND budget plays a critical role in ensuring that pupils with SEND are well-supported and can access a curriculum tailored to their individual needs. A well-managed budget ensures:


  1. Personalised Learning: Resources can be allocated to provide tailored learning experiences, special equipment, and appropriate interventions.


  1. Supporting Staff: It’s vital for SEND staff to receive ongoing training and development. This ensures they’re equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to support students effectively.


  1. External Services: For some students, external services such as speech and language therapy, educational psychologists, or occupational therapy might be necessary. The SEND budget allows schools to invest in these essential services.



The Importance of Periodic Discussions


Discussing and revisiting the SEND budget periodically is as essential as, say, a regular biscuit inventory (okay, maybe a tad more crucial).


Ensuring Adequate Support


As the school year progresses, the needs of students may evolve. Some might require more intensive support, while others might make significant progress and need less intervention. Regular discussions ensure that funds are allocated where they’re most needed.


Optimising Resources


Periodic reviews can help identify areas where spending might be more efficient. For example, bulk purchasing resources, or collaborating with neighbouring schools to share services and training.


Stakeholder Engagement


Including teachers, teaching assistants, parents, and even students in budget discussions can provide invaluable insights. Their feedback can guide how resources are used and ensure that funds are spent in a manner that benefits the students most.



In wrapping up our financial escapade today, I’d just like to say – managing your SEND budget may not always be as delightful as indulging in a chocolatey treat, but with understanding and regular checks, it can be just as satisfying. And while we can’t dip our budgets in tea, we can always ensure they’re put to the best use possible for our amazing SEND students. Until next time, keep those calculators (and biscuits) handy!

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