Ultimate Guide to SLCN – Book Review

by | Sep 5, 2023

Book Review –

Ultimate Guide to SLCN

by Sophie Mustoe-Playfair & Louise Bingham

The Ultimate Guide to SLCN is a book from Speech and Language Link, the home of SpeechLink and LanguageLink online packages that will be familiar to many SENCOs.

The book is a standalone resource that gives a comprehensive introduction to SLCN that could be hugely useful to SENCOs, both for their own reference and for sharing information with staff.

The first section is an overview of Speech, Language and Communication Needs, presenting the big picture on what SLCN is, why it matters, and where Speech and Language Therapists fit into the picture of identification and management.  It also touches on whole school ‘communication friendly’ concepts.    

This first section would be especially useful for a SENCO looking for quick info to present to staff, SLT or Governors about SLCN!

The second section is a much bigger overview of specific conditions and disorders that are either wholly specific to SLCN (for example, Developmental Language Disorder), or which may involve SLCN as part of the profile of need (such as ADHD).

It includes common diagnostic labels that SENCOs can expect to see frequently, along with some that you may not see as often in your school (e.g. cleft lip and palate).  I was especially pleased to see Dyslexia mentioned as this is often not recognised in books about SEN as having the overlapping language needs that may well be part of the picture. 

These diagnostic sections could save you a lot of time googling when these terms come up, and again would make ideal information to share with staff. 

The third, short section of the book is a brief overview of the packages available to schools through Speech and Language Link.  Whilst the book makes brief mention of links to their products through the whole text, it does not labour this, and is very much a book you could find a lot of use for in school, regardless of whether you end up using one of the SpeechLink packages. 

Overall, this book would be a great little reference book for SENCOs. It does not delve in lots of depth into any specific disorders or concepts, but does a good job of providing a comprehensive overview of SLCN in a quick-read functional format. 

It has a very practical focus with tips, strategies and myth busters throughout, and is an easy read for busy staff.  I could definitely see it earning a place on a SENCO’s bookshelf.

You can buy this book direct from us or contact [email protected] to order a copy.  Want a digital copy? Keep an eye out for the new Speech and Language Link website!

Angharad Welch

Angharad Welch

Speech and Language Therapist

Speech and Language Therapist working with SENCOs who are fed up with responding reactively to their SLCN, and want a system they can stick to.

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