Time Management for SENCOs: Jean Gross’s Strategies for Beating Bureaucracy

by | Jan 12, 2023

Time Management for SENCOs: Jean Gross’s Strategies for Beating Bureaucracy

by | Jan 12, 2023

Streamlining SENCO Workloads with Expert Advice from Jean Gross

Time Management for SENCOs: A Path to Efficiency

Jean Gross’s webinar on “Time Management for SENCOs” offered an array of actionable insights aimed at helping SENCOs navigate their demanding roles with greater ease. Drawing on her book, “Beating Bureaucracy,” Jean provided practical advice on reducing time spent on administrative tasks to focus more on direct support for students.

Enhancing Classroom Strategies

The discussion delved into creating therapeutic classrooms, scaffolding lessons effectively, and making learning concrete for students with SEN. Jean emphasized the importance of non-verbal strategies for self-regulation and shared her top recommendations for managing SENCO workloads, including the judicious use of technology in schools.

SENCO Time Management – Collaboration and Professional Development

Highlighting the synergy between Jean Gross’s expertise and Abigail’s advocacy for the Rosenshine principles, the webinar underscored the value of professional development in applying these effective teaching strategies. Attendees were encouraged to explore further training with Abigail through SENDCO Solutions for a deeper understanding of these principles in practice.

Engagement and Future Contributions

Participants were invited to engage with the content by commenting on the strategies discussed, offering a unique opportunity to contribute to Jean’s ongoing work, potentially influencing her upcoming book, “Reaching the Unseen Children.”

Jean Gross’s significant contributions to the field, underscored by her role as a former Communication Champion and her continued work as a consultant, make her insights particularly valuable for those looking to enhance their effectiveness as SENCOs. Her focus on strategic improvements for disadvantaged children, including her upcoming book, positions her as a leading voice in creating equitable educational opportunities.

This webinar with Jean Gross gives a roadmap for better time management for SENCOs and workload reduction, equipping them with strategies to foster a more supportive and efficient educational environment for all students.

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