The Role of Teaching Assistants in Supporting SEND Transitions

by | Dec 21, 2023


Teaching Assistants (TAs) are the often unsung heroes in the educational landscape, playing a crucial role in supporting SEND students through various transitions. Their day-to-day involvement allows for a nuanced approach to individual student needs, facilitating smoother transitions and promoting positive educational experiences. This post will delve into the multifaceted roles of TAs, the importance of their training and development, and share real-life examples of how TAs have been instrumental in aiding SEND transitions. 

Training and Development for Teaching Assistants:

Proper training equips TAs with the skills needed to effectively support SEND students: 

  1. Specialised SEND Training: Invest in specialised training programs that provide TAs with an understanding of different SEND requirements and effective support strategies. 
  2. Continuous Professional Development: Encourage TAs to engage in ongoing professional development to stay abreast of the latest educational strategies and SEND support mechanisms. 
  3. Collaborative Learning: Facilitate opportunities for TAs to learn alongside teachers and SENCOs, fostering a shared understanding and approach to SEND support. 

The Role of TAs in Day-to-Day Transitions:

TAs often handle the front line of daily transitions for SEND students: 

  1. Routine Support: TAs can assist in establishing and maintaining daily routines for SEND students, providing a consistent presence that helps to anchor the student’s day. 
  2. One-on-One Support: By working closely with individual students, TAs can offer personalised support during transitions between activities, classes, and different school environments. 
  3. Facilitating Social Integration: TAs can guide SEND students in social aspects of school life, helping them navigate interactions with peers and participate in group activities. 

Pull-out Quote:

“Teaching Assistants provide the scaffolding that enables SEND students to climb higher and transition smoother across the terrains of their educational journey.” 


The value of Teaching Assistants in the SEND framework cannot be overstated. Their contribution to supporting transitions is vital, offering both stability and encouragement to SEND students. We urge educational institutions to recognise the importance of investing in TAs through training and development, ensuring their ability to provide the highest level of support to those who depend on it the most. 

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