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TES SEND Show 2022

by | Oct 12, 2022

TES SEND Show was an experience for sure, the first time we have ever gone to exhibition under for ourselves.  Abigail had done a few in the past for Trugs, Edukey and Emile. The show itself was a flurry of excitement with day one (Friday) being very busy, at some points we had a queue of people 5 deep trying to speak and listen to Abigail!  Day 2 was a lot slower mainly due to the train strikes that had hampered the travel arrangements of so many of you, don’t worry there will be another chance to meet us in the future for sure!

We had so many SENCOs come to us and express how much they loved the support the group it was really humbling, especially when starting out brand new to the role. “A place where we can feel safe to ask questions and won’t be ridiculed for not already knowing them” one SENCO said, another said “It’s soo supportive, the job is so lonely sometimes, having a group like this makes even the bad days seem a little better.”

We met some of the original members to the group, like Mary who joined way back in 2020, she’s now working for the LA changing the system of SEN from the inside.  Our own Flo ‘The Gatekeeper’ was there and did a fantastic job of chatting with everyone about the group, she even managed to find time for some of the seminars! Let’s not forget Angharad, Thomas, Lynn and Ella who all came to the stand and chatted to people about everything that was going on, thank you all for your support, it was great to see such an effort to include soo many.

With Violet by our side we invaded many of the other stand holders who just couldn’t resist having a photo opportunity with the lovely lady. Bringing a smile to people faces, is what it was all about, although sometimes she was a little over excitable.  We know she made a lot of new friends, including Carrie Grant!

We’ve some exciting new opportunities that have opened up to us due to the show and we’ll be sharing these in the coming weeks, including a few well known supplier discounts to help out in the cost crisis we see schools in.

In the end we feel while the show was hampered by the rail disruption it was a great event to do and we will be doing a couple more in 2023, if you missed us make sure to come and see us next time!
If you did attend and come to visit us, thank you so much, your kind words are really appreciated and show that we really are doing the right thing helping SENCOs across the country!


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