SENCO Summer Term Checklist: A Comprehensive SENCO Guide with Lorraine Petersen

by | Mar 27, 2023

SENCO Summer Term Checklist: A Comprehensive SENCO Guide with Lorraine Petersen

by | Mar 27, 2023

Summer Term Checklist for SENCOs: Insights from Lorraine Petersen

A Season of Preparation and Transition

Lorraine Petersen provided an in-depth exploration of the crucial tasks SENCOs should prioritise in the summer term. Her extensive experience illuminated the diverse responsibilities spanning exam arrangements, staff recruitment, and training audits. The checklist is broken down in to several sections and displayed in full near the end of this video.

Stages of Education: A Detailed Breakdown

The webinar detailed specific actions SENCOs must undertake at each educational stage, emphasising the importance of tailored strategies for transitions between Early Years (EY), Primary, Secondary, and Further Education (FE). Lorraine’s guidance was invaluable in mapping out a comprehensive approach to supporting students and staff during these critical periods.

Key SENCO Tasks for the Summer Term

Lorraine’s SENCO checklist for the summer term covered a broad spectrum of activities, including refining the SEN register, ensuring effective exam arrangements are in place, and conducting training audits to identify professional development needs. This segment provided a clear roadmap for SENCOs to follow, ensuring a productive and smooth transition into the new academic year.

The Importance of Effective Transition Planning

Transitions emerged as a central theme, with Lorraine emphasizing the need for meticulous planning to support students moving between educational stages. She shared best practices for facilitating these transitions, highlighting how a proactive approach can significantly impact students’ confidence and success.

Lorraine Petersen: A Pillar in SEN Education

With her rich background in education and her tenure as CEO of nasen, Lorraine Petersen brought a wealth of knowledge to the webinar. Her insights into the SENCO role, drawn from decades of experience, provided attendees with practical advice and innovative strategies to enhance their practice.

This session with Lorraine Petersen offered SENCOs a critical overview of summer term priorities, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to effectively manage their responsibilities and support students and staff. Her detailed checklist and focus on transitions provided a solid foundation for SENCOs to build upon, ensuring a successful end to the academic year and a seamless start to the next.

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