Standing Desks can improve neurodivergent pupils work.

by | Apr 7, 2023

Standing Desks can improve neurodivergent pupils work a study shows.

Many parents of neurodivergent children struggle with getting their children to focus and complete homework. A new study has shown that using standing desks can improve the whole experience for both the children and their families. More than half (51%) of the 200 parents surveyed said that their child found it very difficult to focus and challenging to sit still for extended periods of time, especially when completing schoolwork.

The study was conducted by Lancashire learning innovator, I Want A Standing Desk (IWASD), in collaboration with Dr. Helen Ross, a government advisor and British Dyslexia Association trustee, driving for positive change for children with special educational needs. More than 600 UK primary schools currently use EIGER Student Standing Desks, which allow pupils to stand and move whilst they learn. As well as benefiting health and wellbeing, schools using them report seeing improvements in behaviour and concentration, especially among those pupils with ADHD and other neurodiverse conditions.

Using standing desks has proven an instant hit with children, providing them with an opportunity to move while learning. According to Nick White, the founder of IWASD, sitting still to learn can be a challenge for many children, especially for those with additional needs. Standing up can positively impact the experience of homework time for all involved.

The results of the study highlight that children can benefit from having an opportunity to move. It can be such a simple solution for boosting their ability to focus but also their wellbeing, in what might otherwise be a stressful situation. Using standing desks means children can move when they need to and then carry on with what they are doing, allowing them to get things done in their own way.

You can see the full research on the I Want a Standing Desk website

This blog was sponsored by I Want a Standing Desk, they have chosen to support SENCOs through our network. Nick and the team have done a great job in supporting our SEN pupils for many years, so take a look at what they offer.

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