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Engage and Inspire: Mastering Multi Sensory Learning Techniques with Susie

by | Nov 2, 2023

Engage and Inspire: Mastering Multi Sensory Learning Techniques with Susie

by | Nov 2, 2023

Embracing Multi Sensory Learning Techniques for SEN Students

The Power of Sensory Learning

Explore the foundational concepts of multi sensory learning with Susie, who illustrates how engaging multiple senses can significantly enhance the learning experience for SEN students. This section lays the groundwork for understanding the importance and impact of sensory integration in education.

Practical Sensory Learning Strategies

Susie provides a wealth of practical examples and strategies for implementing multi sensory learning in the classroom. This part of the webinar is packed with actionable tips and creative ideas to bring lessons to life and ensure they resonate with students on a deeper level.

Breaking Down Barriers with Sensory Techniques

Learn how Susie’s unique style of teaching, which incorporates multi sensory techniques, helps break down learning barriers for students of all ages. Discover how to adapt these methods to suit your students’ needs and create an inclusive learning environment that celebrates diversity.

A Lesson to Remember: Abigail’s Sensory Tale

Concluding the webinar, Abigail shares a memorable story from her early teaching days, highlighting the lasting impact of sensory learning experiences. This anecdote serves as a powerful reminder of the potential sensory strategies have to leave a lasting impression on students.

Join us for this engaging webinar to unlock the secrets of multi sensory learning and transform your teaching approach. Whether you’re new to sensory techniques or looking to expand your repertoire, this session promises to inspire and equip you with the tools to make learning truly memorable for your SEN students.

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