Our Commitment to Giving Back

You’ll know that we constantly say all our profits go back into schools and SENCOs, but what does this really mean? It is actually quiet simple.  As a Community Interest Company (CiC) we have an unlying policy that covers everything we do and how it benefits the community that we support.  Each year we update this and display it on companies house website for everyone to see.

So what do we spend the money on?

Software and hardware

Because it’s only Gavin and Abigail that run the operation, a fair amount of money has been invested into software to make things as simple as we can.  Whether it’s the membership system which allows you to freely access the website, the firewall that protects your data or the software that allows us to create the weekly newsletters so many of you love.  The hardware in the studio where we record our weekly webinars has been purchased through SENsible SENCOs fund, unlike software, hardware is a one time purchase which means until it becomes obsolete there is no further outlay.

Supporting SENCOs

Designed by a SENCO for SENCOs


We do pay our experts both for the webinars they provide or the articles they write in our monthly magazine.  We want to show they are appreciated and renumerated for their time, no one wants to work for free. 

Business Costs

Like all businesses SENsible SENCO has to register with multiple organisations to fulfil it’s legal obligations, we are registered with the ICO, we do have indemity insurance and we have an accountant that keeps everything above board.


Our Time

No, we charge nothing for our time and we never will.  The we keep the roof over our head through SENDCO Solutions our sister business that works with you to deliever CPD, SEN Health Checks and packages of support for schools.  SENDCO Solutions is the company that allows us to run SENsible SENCO at the lowest cost possible to you.  So, if you do have an INSET, need some support before an OFSTED inspection or help reducing the workload in your SEND team, please do give us an email or call.


Prizes and Giveaways

All the rest of the money we receive goes into a prize fund and allows us to run the £100 monthly book prize draw, where we have now given away over £2,000 of books, fund discounted tickets to events like SENsible24 and facilate our twice yearly giveaways from our partners and our £3,000 end of year book hamper event, we sent out to 50 schools in 2023.  Last year we put back just under £12,000 into our community, in 2024/25 we hope to double that!


There is still a lot more we can and with your support we will make a cost effective place for SENCOs, Teaching Assistants and other SEN Professionals to use on a daily basis. Become an official member and allow us to continue supporting you!

We Give Money Back To Schools

We’re not just another company – we’re a community interest company (CIC) and we genuinely care about supporting schools and our fantastic SENCO community.

We put our money where our heart is. All of our profits go straight back into schools or developing the offer we have. When you support us, you’re also supporting your school. It’s a win-win situation!