Balancing the Scale: Expert Strategies for Managing SENCO Workload

Balancing the Scale: Expert Strategies for Managing SENCO Workload

Towards a More Manageable SENCO Workload

Understanding the Challenges

The session kicks off with a deep dive into the reasons behind the growing workload for SENCOs, driven by the dynamic and expanding field of Special Educational Needs (SEN). We explore the impact of these challenges on SENCOs’ daily routines and overall job satisfaction.

Expert Opinions on Reducing SENCO Workload

Listen as our panel of seasoned professionals shares their perspectives on managing the SENCO workload. This section includes actionable advice that SENCOs can immediately apply within their schools to mitigate stress and enhance efficiency.

Is a Heavy Workload the Mark of Success?

We tackle the provocative question: Does a high workload signify a successful SENCO? This discussion aims to redefine what success looks like for SENCOs, focusing on impact over hours spent.

Strategies for Creating a Coordinated Workspace

Discover innovative ways to organise your workspace for better coordination and reduced workload. This part of the webinar focuses on practical tips for streamlining tasks, delegating responsibilities, and using technology to ease the administrative burden.

Join us to gain fresh perspectives on managing workload, preventing burnout, and creating a more balanced professional life. This session is a must-attend for SENCOs seeking to recalibrate their work practices for greater job satisfaction and effectiveness.

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