SENCO Wellbeing Starts with YOU!

by | Mar 7, 2024

SENCO Wellbeing Starts with YOU!

by | Mar 7, 2024

This webinar was recorded on 7th Mar 2024 and any information given is correct up to this date.

About the Session

When the hours are long and resources are sparse, it is a huge effort to even get the bare minimum done without compromising your personal life and your relationships. This session is about empowering SENCOs to let go of what they can’t control and develop strategies to find and address the underlying issues within their work life balance.

Why should you watch as a SENCO?

– To develop strategies for putting in place and maintaining boundaries.

– To gain confidence and empowerment in knowing they are not alone.

– To develop strategies for taking back control of work/life balance.

Speaker Bio

Lynn How is a practicing SENCO, freelance SENCO trainer and author. With 23 years of primary teaching and SLT experience, she has been an Assistant Head, Lead Mentor for ITT and SENCO in mainstream schools, nursery, enhanced provision and specialist provision.

Lynn loves to write and also has her own SEMH and staff mental health blog: She holds an MA in Education, FCCT, NASENCO and NPQH. Her particular areas of interest are wellbeing (staff and pupil), SEND, children’s mental health, leadership, mentoring and coaching. Recently she has started an Educational Consultancy business for SEND (SEND support) and supports SENCOs wellbeing through her Facebook group ‘The Sweary SENCO‘. She has been the editor of Teacher Toolkit and currently makes resources for them. Lynn’s first book, ‘Starting Out As A Primary Senco’, is being published by Bloomsbury next October. Books with Hinton House and Jessica Kingsley are also on the horizon.

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