SENCO Planner by SENsible SENCO

Stay organised and on top of important dates, meetings, and notes. Our SENCO Planner keeps all your resources in one place with the convenient spiral-bound design. Get back valuable time with greater organisation and planning efficiency. Feel prepared for your role with helpful factsheets at your disposal.

The SENsible SENCO Planner

Update as of 04/06/2024 at 11:37am:

The SENsible SENCO planner is now only available for School memberships, by purchasing an school membership you will automatically be sent a planner up to 31st October, after that you will receive the following years.  You can also purchase a planner and get a school membership.

Our NEW 204/2025 SENCO planner is available now.

We’ve listened to your feedback and this year the SENsible SENCO planner is hardbacked, spiral bound with a pocket on the inside.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the improvements.  


If you have take out a school membership (paid yearly), you’ll receive the planner at no extra cost! Limited to one copy per school membership per year.  


Delivery will be starting from 2nd week June 2024 

Limited stock single print run we will supply the planners to everyone that takes out a School membership while stocks last, if you have multiple SENCOs planners that you wish to order as an LA/MAT please get in touch.

SENCO Planner Review

We finally received a mock up of the SENCO planner 2024/25, whilst we do need to have somethings changed with the publisher, this video does give you an overall idea of the quality upgrades we have made since last year.  Enjoy!

Our planner has been lovingly designed and created by us with the all your needs at heart.

The SENsible SENCO Planner contains:

  • Key dates
  • Each month as a double-page spread
  • Each week as a double-page spread with timetable slots for hourly planning
  • Sections for meetings and notes
  • To-Do lists
  • Professional contacts list
  • Resources and Assessments
  • SMART Targets factsheet
  • Managing Teaching Assistants factsheet
  • Planning for Transitions
  • A4 Spiral Bound
  • Hardbacked
  • A4 Document Pocket

Physical only, this is not a download and print planner!

We’ve worked hard to make a planner that is suitable for the strategic needs of a SENCO.  It’s been a labour of love and we can happily say you will not find another SENCO planner which is of this quality for this price out there.  Especially with all the additional resources that you can use!