Our Partners

We work really closely with our partners and they contribute to our work by supporting with the SEN resources on this website.

SEN Resource Library

Created and curated by our 12,000+ amazing SENCOs. This is your library of tried and trusted SEN resources. Take your SENCO knowledge to the next level and become a go-to expert. Find peace of mind knowing you have reliable resources at your fingertips.



Cognition and Learning

Advice for difficulties with learning and understanding within the classroom

Communication and Interaction

Resources to support the challenges with understanding communication and being understood


Not an SEN, but resources for learning English as a second or additional language

Exam and Access Arrangements

Advice and accommodations for exams and assessments

General SEN

General, special educational needs information


Information, support and guidance on health conditions that may impact education

Reviews and OFSTED

Inspections of schools and education providers from SEN reviewers or Ofsted

SENCO Paperwork

Documents to support special educational needs coordinators

Sensory and Physical

Resources and advice related to sensory processing and physical abilities

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Guidance on mental health, social skills and emotional well-being in education


Moving between educational settings and resources to support


legislation relating to special educational needs and supporting information

Coming Soon!

Safe Guarding

Guidance on safe guarding our SEN students, supported by the NSPCC. Coming Soon!

Where Can I Find SEN Resources?

Your SEN Resource search is over, our community of over 12,000 SENCOs has a hive mind and is always willing to share.  On this page you’ll find links to the major categories of a SENCOs job, by clicking that link you’ll see the sub categories.  This makes it easy for you to navigate around the site and find those gems of information you are looking for.

image of a SENCO giving SEN resources to help a teacher in a school

How Do I Access SEN Resources?

SENCOs work so hard, and having their SEN resources on this site means we have to protect their materials and look after the SEN resources via our membership login.  Yes, you have to sign up, no you do not have to pay.  Our SENCO support material which has been developed by our SENCO community remains free to access, but there are benefits to signing up with a paid account, for just £5 a month you will have free access to all the video content and free webinar sessions. Even more than all those benefits, as a paying member you’ll also be placed onto our wheel, which each months spins and pulls out a winner for a £100 book voucher from SENbooks.

The more SENCOs join us, the more we can build something that will support every SENCO around the country. All our funds are used to run the site and offer further time saving resources for you.