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SEN Hamper Community Draw

by | May 1, 2023

Community Book Hamper Draw

Hi Everyone,

As a CIC we give money back to the community every 6 months. This is our 4th occasion and this time we give away nearly £5,000 in book hampers for schools. With over 600 school entries it has been great to see, so many joining in. 

As part of the draw we asked for an improvements that we could make and what you thought about the service that we offer.  We’ve put together some of these for you to see below.  Like always, we try to accommodate any request to help, but we couldn’t do that without the support that you have given us.  So,  a big thank you to everyone that helps make SENsible SENCO such a special place for support!

All prizes should be delivered before the end of this term. 

Gavin & Abigail ????

Competition winners

Comments and Feedback

Average review score from 621 school SENCOs.  (Actual score 4.78)

Things for us to think about.

I often don’t access resources because I know it needs a password and I m too tired to figure it out We are trying to add social login, so you can use Facebook to login, this should make it easier. We are just working on the coding.
Send the Senco update as an email please – I miss it through Facebook We do send out weekly updates, we will work on the content of these so you don’t miss anything. We know how Facebook likes to show you somethings, but not others. If you feel you are missing the content you can go directly to the group
Documents and resources easy to search and download We will be doing some background tagging which will improve the search bar efficiency.  At the moment the resources are not all tagged, so the search isn’t as good as it should be.  We also hope to get Violet the Bot searching for tags, so you can just ask her for help, this will hopefully be completed by the end of the year (if I stop adding more tasks to my list!)
More wine & whines Every 6 weeks there is a Wine and Whine session, they have been popular, but we have many things we are working on, if we do more we end up charging which we are trying to avoid.
A little confusing finding things from different levels of membership Agree completely, they aren’t differentiated very well, I will try to make sections only show for certain levels of membership and make you aware of what the benefits are.
I found and the booking of webinars more difficult than they used to be. I’m not really sure how to book on anymore. I think this is because of the Eventbrite/Zoom double booking system, we are still learning how Zoom works, there’s lots of features we want to use, but we need the time to delve into them. We may (December) move away from Zoom and host directly on the website, which will make things easier.
Include welsh ALNCO’S It’s all the same isn’t it? See our blog post
Advertise training and free webinars We did do a lot of advertising for these, monthly newsletter, events page, posts into Facebook.  We’ve now added a 2 month schedule that sits on the home screen of the website with clickable links.
Make it more obvious what you offer. I didn’t know there was CPD or network meetings available Noted, more talk about what services we offer.  I can do that for sure!
School memberships not individual Looking at this, I believe we can do this for schools, just working out costs and admin time.
Some times I just want to be coached by you. Join the MA Inclusive Educational Leadership! You will be taught by Abigail then.  If you wanted to be taught by Gavin, then we are sorry this is not possible at the moment.
Try to hold some training during the day We both work full-time alongside running both the SENsible SENCO platform and SENDCO Solutions. We also have 4 boys, 2 of which are at school (school runs), it makes running anything day-time a little difficult.  Our only option would be to have someone else run training for us, but that adds additional costs that we just couldn’t afford.

If you do have anything else to add just send me message.

What you like about us!


Keeping us up to date with the latest in SEND
Judgement free advice
SENCo can become a lonely role with lots of challenge. It’s good to be have support and viewpoints from other colleagues.
Just discovered you!
The support and community for SENCOs is fantastic
Great advice and support
Clear and concise advice and support on all areas of SEN.
The support and resources for new starter Sencos
Lots of advice
Like minded, community of SEN(D)Cos easy to access with, as far as I have found, no judgement… just support for  anyone at any point on their Journey in our chosen field of work.
Everything! Find the availability of advice and support totally amazing- really appreciate it. Just bought my planner too 😉
I am new to the role and have dipped into your Facebook and website and found some useful things.
Amazing support, Senco can find all we need – resources, guidance, contacts.. You make being in this role actually possible <3
Great training offers and a helpful community
Support for all SENDCos and an opportunity for us to share, ask advice.
I regularly follow the Facebook page but the questions raised by fellow SENCOs are always relevant. I’ve recently joined and like the idea of accessible cpd . Have attended one webinar so far- was really helpful.
I like the discussion points and up to date information and advice.
Advice and feeling o community
Advice, content and guidance around SEND. Support as a professional in SEND.
The positivity and feedback and support network given to SENDCos
Supportive environment for SENCOs
I have joined as a platinum member to get as much from your service as possible
Great advice
Updates in the SEN work. Community voice and discussions. Resources and links to training and development. Access to the best diary  I have ever purchased – revived my first one this week and live it!
Good advice
Love my planner too
Good range
The support and sharing of resources. The networking.
Professionals only space to share ideas, resources and experiences to better support students
Informed, supportive community and updates on latest guidance
Information sharing and advice from real people doing the job.
I like everything that is offered! I find them all very useful for supporting me in my role. It’s good to know there are support groups/resources out there, as being a SENCo can be very lonely at times and over-whelming with workload. Questions I have, other SENCo’s have too and the Facebook group is very supportive for this. I also like it when documents that are useful to read are posted so I know where to access information I need.  I have recently purchased the platinum membership (yearly) and I think this is an excellent resource! Thank you to both of you for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise.
Network, training, information, legal advice, support, resources, different avenues ie, FB, Utube
Helpful no nonsense advice
The resources shared are brilliant too
How helpful it is to SENCOs and it connects us
Range of resources and support available
Support, resources, policy updates
Clear advice, informative cpd, good resources
Advice and links to advice and support.
A range of strategies & advice for those in this field.
Advice from other SENCOs/professionals, sharing of resources
Advice and support to those in role. That it isn’t a whinge fest and isn’t open to parents to talk about their own child but a safe space for professionals to ask questions and seek support.
Easy to follow advice and tips.
Hands on, common sense advice
Wide range of experiences across different settings.
The support and encouragement to like minded people.
Updates on changes to legislation
Advice and training opportunities
Advice and support for SENCos which can be a very lonely job.
The training you offer always looks fabulous and I would love to complete the new masters you have posted about
Instant non judgemental advice from lots of different people.
A community to support lonely committed SENDCo’. I have only been in the role 5 days so I feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s good to have this support from experienced SEND warriors.
Realistic issues SENDCO face
Great support and resources
Being a forum to share ideas and concerns about the SENDco role.
Great opportunities to ask questions and seek advice. Allows us to feel supported in what can be a very isolated role from people who know what they are talking about from practical experience!
Resources, advice which is helpful as I am new to the role
I love the Forums on Facebook.  Really supportive network of people and sharing of resources.
Wine and whine sessions.
Website is full of valuable tips and knowledge.
I enjoyed your webinars in lockdown
Networking of sencos
Sharing good practice and support for SENDCos
Only just joined the Facebook group so unsure yet
always on point and useful – my go to place
Shared community around SEN good practice – helps to alleviate what can be a lonely position in a school
Support and advise
Great ideas
Up to date advice
Opportunity to air and share concerns
A community that helps me to not feel so lonely.
Find the Facebook page really useful.
Information, resources
Advice; support and genuinely helping pupils to flourish
A platform for us to share resources, ideas and experiences.
Expert advice that is offered.
Support network
Advice as a new sendco and opportunities to see what others are doing in similar roles
Sharing good ideas
Great advice -looking forward to doing some training in the future
Lots of impartial support for SENCos. Not trying to sell things but be a support.
Being able to chat and ask advice from other Senco’s. Sharing of ideas and resources
Up-to-date and relevant information. Fantastic resources and CPD  opportunities. Amazing opportunities to network with other professionals.
Being part of the group makes a tough job a little less tough.
Good advice and support for SENDCos
Super generous and knowledgeable
The ability to ask questions and responses  from the hive mind
It’s actually advice etc that can be applied to real practice rather than just theory. It’s also great to feel less alone in the job.
Like minded folk sharing ideas to get the best results for kids with SEND (& hopefully make all of our lives a bit easier in the the process).
The online chats where peers offer advice to each other about a range of SEND issues are really useful.
It’s all relatable. Everyone has similar experiences and we can learn from one another.
Lots of useful information and advice, access to relevant and up to date training and opportunities to network with other SENCOs
To the point information when I need it
Free advice
Network of professionals
Up to date advice
Summaries of key docs/info
Relevant info which helps me to fulfil my role
A Facebook group that you can follow and engage with as and when
Supportive, practical advice.
Great online group for advice , resources and support – for both mainstream and SEND colleagues
Hands-on advice
Have found the Facebook group incredibly useful especially being a new SENDCo this year.
Advice and support from other sencos and experts, training.
Excellent resources on website and great community online.
Easy to find, lots of support
Good. Lots os links to tes provision maps. I like reading the questions by other members and solutions.
Great advice, update information
Practical and realistic advice. Tried and tested methods and strategies and honest opinions.
The support and advice you offer is fantastic. As are your videos on You Tube. I am a very new SENCo so have found it invaluable.
The different advice and ideas that people share on the Facebook page.
Range of support
A place to discuss topics that often, others in our schools do not know about. SENDCo can be an isolating role so having a community to share good practice and ask for support is invaluable.
It’s great to keep a network going of professionals
Support from people who practise what they preach!
Great expertise and value for money
I find your Facebook posts useful, although I am looking at attending some of your training events in the future.
A variety of views, updated news
Like minded discussion
Advice and guidance
Posting towards resources that can help


Honest and expert opinions and support

Advice, expertise & shared, collaborative community
I love all the useful advice and being able to convesre with other SENCOS
Love the YouTube videos so helpful and the Facebook group.
Advice, ideas, support
Supportive environment.  Lots of up to date information and training
Friendly supportive environment and lots to offer
Good training
The information offered is relevant to my role and is extremely helpful.
Practical help
So many different ideas, great hive on the Facebook page
The advice and suppoet you give is amazing.
Simple and straightforward advice
Easily accessible,  not patronising especially if you’re at the beginning of your journey and inspiration for ideas and resources.
Need to learn more about what is on offer.
The community chats
Support and community for professionals who are at the heart of schools, but who are often alone in what they are striving to achieve
Honest and genuine discussion regarding the role of the SENCO
Catered to support the needs of Senco’s and wider school support
Advice that is given from other professionals.
Friendly supportive advice, YouTube is really useful. Feel like you are not alone. Love the planner I bought
The quality of the information.
A supportive and informative community. Really value the FB page.
Practical, useful and relevant advice and resources
Excellent training that is value for money
Advice and support in what can be a very lonely role in school
The constant support and developing offers of training and upskilling
Advice and being able to  be a part of the SRn community.
Advice in a non patronising way !
Exceptional support network
Incredibly supportive and informative Facebook group. Amazing community of SENCOs with lots of knowledge and advice to share.
Reassuring, sensible advice and resources. Partnerships with useful companies.
Honest non judgemental advice. A safe space to offload and seek advice from colleagues
Lots of good tips and advice
It’s real talk, and always helpful. I often go on to ask a question and find someone else has already asked. Nice to know we’re not alone.
Realistic support and advice knowing the huge pressure the role comes with.
That it’s judgement free
Advice and tips
Available training and send support
A chance to ask questions and get a sensible answer
It is really good advice for a new senco
Resources which support SENCO role. Training has been fantastic- signposted me to helpful resources and information as well as broadening my understanding of research and expertise in the field of SEN.
Flexibility,ideas and CPD
Easy to access and useful information!
Lots of good information
Lots of useful.information, a forum.for support and advice, check ins and positie reflections
Lots of useful advice shared across the facebook pages
Access to CPD
Lots of good advice
Good advice, support and practical ideas shared. Really supportive when short of ideas.
The realness of it all. The wealth of knowledge and support from those involved, from Abigail herself and fellow sendcos always astounds me and leaves you feeling less like the lonely sendco that no one understands. You have to have been a sendco to understand the role.
You provide a really talented,knowledgable community for advice, help and guidance. Fantastic resources and forum for discussion. Always wonderfully helpful.
Great advice and the support and guidance for all areas.
Peer opinions
Practical and realistic advice and help.
A platform for SENCOs to reach out & seek supports.
Range of different meetings, ideas, advice and experience of everyone involved. Lots of helpful guidance too. Events are always well thought through detailing the advantages of attending
Practical advise
Community, accessible and helpful information
Advice and support
Companionship, resources, ideas
Great forum for resources, advice and discussion.
An approachable platform in which like minded people can exchange views, provide advice and support each other.
Opportunities to network with like minded professionals, a quick and easy place to seek sound and helpful advice
The supportive network of professionals
Supportive Facebook group
Resources on the Facebook page
Newsletter with links
Only just started viewing so not fully aware of everything.
Advice and guidance
So much Information that I feel is very relevant
Facebook group and video tutorials
Advice, news and updates and resources
Advice from serving SENDCOs is the best place for advice, suggestions, solutions and ranting. All of this within a safe a d supportive space
Mostly use the FB chat – very useful. Would like to attend the Whine & Wine but family life commitments currently get in the way; those I’ve attended have been great.
A great community for SENCos to network and share good ideas and best practise. A lifeline in what can be a lonely role!
Anything that can support adopt cycles and improve provision
Advice received and training.
Produced and accessed by people who understand the job (and its pressures)
Clear straight forward advice and guidance
All about schools: supportive and informative
A portal where you can seek advice from other SENCos as It’s a very lonely role!
I’m love the resources and shared community support.
Friendly supportive community
Practical advice and support from those who are actually working currently in the educational sector. The networking and community of support available.
A friendly community that offers support and advice in a job that can be stressful and lonely.
Support and advice without judgement. A place to share ideas and problems with others in similar situations.
Makes everyone’s job a bit more manageable. You never feel like you are on your own!
Points of interest come up which make me either aware of what I should be doing or make me consider and reflect on practice offered at the school. Often it makes me think ‚Äòoh no! Something else for me to do/implement’
Easy to follow guidance and help
Shared best practice
Everything, especially the support & advice.
I love the Facebook community and the wealth of knowledge all of those people can bring. It’s always somewhere I can go for support and ideas and having this wonderful forum makes this incredibly hard job a little lighter.
The range of resources and the FB group is amazing as a resource and for the help and guidance others give in the group
Sensible advice
Advice and experiences of other
Practical advice and support from a wide community.
A forum for ideas and support with other professionals
Advice for
Members and overall support
The Facebook page gives me help and support almost on a daily basis
Realistic advice with good signposting to research and resources.
A forum to ask and answer questions with other sencos
The group makes you feel supported and less lonely in your role. There’s a wealth of resources and knowledge to draw on across the Facebook group and website.
Webinars, support from experts and other SENCos.
Lots of information, help, support. It’s important because the SENDCO job is a lonely one in school.
Advice and up to date SENd advise and ideas
Good to have a group of likeminded people where you can ask questions.
Accessible information through various formats. Varied offer of training and webinars
CPD, webinars, advice
Knowledge is so relevant and useful.
I don’t know
Much yet. I am
Eager to learn more about what you offer.
Great networking
Resources that are effective
Training opportunities
Everything is designed to decrease workload
Sharing of practises with other schools and allowing the discussion forums.
Sharing new relevant information/research linked to SEN.
Sign posting to possible CPD opportunities
Very open, honest and you both clearly know what you’re talking about and living and breathing SEND daily. Your passion for supporting SEND and developing teachers’ subject knowledge around SEND
Support about Sen so you don’t feel so alone as a Sendco.  Updates and information are really useful.
Provision mapping
Up to date info and training. Relevant posts.
Ground level advice
Sensible and not OTT
Simple, easy and effective help, advice and strategies. Nothing is too big or small
Professional advice
I am a new senco with no available budget so anything available to help me would be appreciated.
It is good to have a place to go for answers to questions you know other SENDCos will have asked. It is also useful having people who have done the job themselves giving advice and running the page.
Other people on the FB group asking questions I’ve thought myself and getting answers from people that actually know and understand the role. The training sessions offered are always relevant rather than an LA assuming what we need.
The advice, the support and the resources.
Ideas, listening ears and a platform to help and assist in what is or can be a very lonely position in schools.
New and innovative techniques for sen
Group support. Both postive and negative !
Support for various queries. Being able to ask questions
Everything. It’s my go to place to know what I need to know. I was new in role in 2021 but now feel much more qualified. I’ve learnt so much!
Love webinars, helpful hints and your fun support!!
Support, advice and networking.
Fab Facebook group and website, thank you
Advice and opportunity to chat with other SENCOs
Highly recommended for your cpd courses and have good wealth of sen info
Community feeling, professionals who understand the role, someone/place to turn too when need ideas.
Resources and information are always practiced and research based
Good advice and support.
Information and resources relevant to my role
Not sure about what you offer. Sorry!
Very good advice.
Support from other SENDCO’s.
Great advice, training opportunities, support and guidance on all things sen
Advice, support, platforms to network
Support network
Sharing hood oractuce
Free CPD opportunities and community/advise via the Facebook page
A true understanding of the complex role of the SENCo.  A place where you feel really supported with helpful advice and resources.
The support and resources
Easily accessible support. Friendly environments.
I particularly like the weekly reflection about small wins. It can be a lonely job and hard to sometimes see the positives you have acheived when the week has been crazy!
An opportunity to share SEN CPD around the school
The courses and the planner!!!
A safe community
Advice and tips
A place to seek support from fellow professionals. Website with resources and webinars.
Information that is up to date and relevant. Reassurance, healthy discussions.
Useful information and resources
Sharing information
Easy to approach fox advice. Facebook group full of knowledge from others and available for any questions.
Great advice and discussions from people who understand the job.
Online support
Support for new SENDCOs like myself. The experience and knowledge you’ve shared in order for me to feel more relaxed about the position I am going into and making me realise it won’t be easy but I can do it and it will be ok.
Everything! The most relatival helpful and realistic forum to which \I belong.
Useful CPD outside school hours
Clear guidance and examples of how to be a good sendco
Up to date information shared in a supportive way.
A community for SENDCOs to support each other and share ideas.
Free resorces and pod casts
It’s clear what is available and covers lots of areas and reasonably priced
Friendly, helpful support and advice.
It’s real and you’re normal! Addressing and supporting  the genuine challenges we are facing every day and always growing for us all!
There is so much in terms of range and depth of information and details that I can always find useful things to improve knowledge and resources. So much available at very low cost.
Friendly advice, fantastic resources and great expert knowledge.
Impartial advise and lots of support
It’s varied, supportive,  practical, feels connected
A space to talk to likeminded people who are experiencing the same things.
Advice for problems which we are all facing.
Lots of informative cpd and webinars, and a good source of advice and networking opportunities.
Every single thing!!
I enjoy the posts on Facebook and have learnt a lot.  I’ve also enjoyed your twilights.
Great way to keep up
To date with current topics
Support from other SENCos
Honest forum to ask for support.
Edukey questions answered
I have bought my diaries from you for the laat two years and love all the help and advice from the Facebook group.
That it is supportive of our role
Friendly approach
Advice and a place to share ideas
Easy to understand and use
The community. Being able to share ideas and having people to talk to, who understand. As a new SENCO, it’s been really nice to read posts about practitioners going through similar experiences.
The Facebook network is an excellent resource for linking to other professionals and this year I’ve found the Provision Map guides especially useful.
Lots of grest information and support in one place.
Training and questions being answered
Supportive tool to help SENCos
the networking and support
The information
I love the range of resources that you provide. I am just starting out in this role and it has been really helpful!
Everything …alnin one place…love evey piece of advice from Abigail on different platforms….and Gavins efforts in making the availability of resources created by Sensible Senco so easily accessible
Being able to liaise with colleagues in the same field. It can be very isolating to be a Senco and sharing good practice and resources is invaluable.
Support for Sencos
Advice from yourselves and others on the facebook page.
1) Amazing knowledge
2) Great Support
I love the support on the FB group and the wealth of resources
Advice, guidance, support
Up to date information
Good advice
A safe forum for sharing and advice
Great networking advice and support.
That you listen to SENDCo’s and respond to what we say/require.
Community of SENCos available to share knowledge and ask questions to is invaluable in what is often a lonely job.
Current and update by people currently working in schools
Non judgmental support and incredible resources and knowledge
Good quality advice and group support. Highlighting new provision, research, national updates and books.
Practical solutions
Friendly advice
Warmth and understanding via digital platforms which isn’t always easy!
Useful suggestions and ‘food for thought’ as both a teacher and a parent of a SEN child.
Simple accurate and straightforward advice and help
A forum
to share ideas, resources and questions (and frustrations)
A space for networking, training and advice.
Support and lived experience
Up to date practical tangible and tested advice
A community of SENCOs which offer support and advice.
Advice and support.
Advice and support through Facebook group
Planners look fab!
Up to date
User friendly
Knowledgeable people
People who care
Safe space for likemonded people
Help and support of the group
Just purchased the diary, love the little pointers on there. Love the experience you bring to the table which I can learn from.
Sharing good practice
Good advice on fb page
Practical help and guidance and CPD sessions.
Advice from community and recommendations on resources
The continuous advice & guidance to support an already challenging role.
Realistic advice! Videos and webinars are accessible. Good range
Very targeted and practical….you know the role so well!
advice and guidance
Fair honest advice fro. “Real life” Sencos. Non judgemental
Always so enthusiastic and encouraging whilst having great knowledge and support is outstanding
Info, support, resources
sharing network
no question is silly
Practical support and advice
Advice from people working in the same field.
It is lots of sensible advice from fellow SENCO’s with practical day to day knowledge.
advice and opportunities to ask questions
Support of someone who understands.
Supportive network with an abundance of resources and tips.
the webinars
Supportive community.
Inspiring ideas and solutions to a tough job, especially those like me who are new in post!
Just so much help and advice, plus proper sensible products.
The support of the Sen network on Facebook
Regular updates
Your honest and have done the role
Fb page gives me a forum to ask questions or learn from the q’s others ask . It always feel safe.
The community feel, like minded people sharing experiences, ideas and support.
Information sharing
Loads of advice .
Great info about products
Honest and informative – community of like minded people.
The chance to seek advice from other Sencos
Support and advice
Everything realistic down to earth help and advice. You understand the role of the senco warts and all
Networking and feelin supported (not alone!)
Support, ideas and a sense of community
Great advice
Support and resources
Whenever I feel like I have no idea what I am going there is always support from other followers and the team
Your experience, knowledge and your understanding of demands of the rolr
Easy to access and lots of great advice.
It is based on real working SENCOs. I love the SEN wins weekly. I love the resoucres that you have. It has helped me more than any other support group.
Clear up to date information
Always there to offer advice
Your resources sound great
Current issues
Lots of information and great advice
Opportunity to get advice and support from other professionals in different settings and areas of the country
Advice, guidance and signposting.
Wealth of available resources.
Practical advice. Keeping up to data with things that are happening
Support for sendcos
Practical, relevant, accessible activities/ideas/training, based on experience
Support, a fantastic senco planner, understanding of how it really works
Sharing ideas and good practice
Being a SENCO can be a lonely job for some and you guys provide ongoing support, up to date info within the education of SEN and also ofsted. This is my go to ‚Ķ my check in and stay up to date with anything that people share to know I’m not alone .. thanks for all you do
The great networking
Realistic advice and a chance to share problems/ideas
Network and advice
The Facebook group is Great place to go for advice
The advice and community feel. Being able to ask questions.
Working for the SENCo community. Colleagues freely share advice and support.
Non judgmental support
I just can’t tell you how much this website helps me day to day.
The support – knowing that there are people out there to ask for advice
The online community and support.
Up to date news and resources
Support around the senco role, chance to hear from other sencos, resources
The updates around to changes to policies, the resources, the Facebook group
Supportive network for all staff.
Advice across a range of topics
There is a community of us out there so not as isolated
Wanting to develop better practices
It has been really helpful to me especially as this is my first year in the role so lots of great advice!
Discussions and advice about all things SEND. My go to place for help
Advice and information about new interventions
As a new sendco i really appreciate the group questions and answer. The cpd is also invaluable.
Support for sendcos is amazing!!
Advice and support for SENDCos and school staff.
Lots of support and information
The wide variety of topics covered.
Really helpful and relevant content. Value for money on resources. Supportive!
Advice and resources
Webinars and training
Realistic, informal safe space for advice and screaming as necessary üòä
Support and CPD opportunities for SEN staff and SENCOs. Advice for any topic no matter how big or small
Lots of great support and advice. I no longer feel alone.
Great advice and support to SENCOs in what is an extremely difficult role.
Up to date information and advice
Peer support, a reflective space with other professionals to brain storm ideas. A shared space of useful resources, CPD opportunities the list is endless.
Facebook posts for updated information
A forum for Sen is to come together to share good practice and support one another
Inclusivity, breadth of training offer, ask anything culture
A safe space to be part of, training and advice is amazing. You are both wonderful champions for sencos and children. Thank you
A network fir Sencos
You listen to sencos and support where they need it. You provide national updates well and timely.
Practical everyday solutions. SENCo’s talking to SENCo’s on the Facebook page.
Abigail gets it in a way that others just don’t
I am a new SENCO in my 3rd year of teaching and I love searching the facebook group to learn new tips. I am in an incredibly high need school in a very deprived area of Scarborough so all the advice has been incredibly useful to help navigate me through (daily) tricky situations. The group has made me feel incredibly settled and empowered me to do the best for our children.
Advice and support
Great resources, tips, support
It’s real and relevant information from people in the role and profession that understand the reality of the job
sharing of ideas
Very realistic and practical about the challenges facing sencos and special education
Real advice for real SENDCO. Up to date support without jargon
Up to date knowledge
A community to share resources and ideas. I have found lots of documents useful in the files and they have saved me a lot of work. As a new SENDCo the Facebook page has really supported me.
Just learning what you’re offering. I know I’ll need support and advice
Friendly, non-judgemental advice
Because its come from SENCOs it is really useful.
Lots of advice and support
The learning opportunities
The opportunity to discuss current topics and situations with like minded people. The webinars are incredibly interesting.
Range is amazing, support is incredible.
A resource for support and ideas for such a wide range of needs.
Honest advice, no judgement for ‚Äòsilly questions’, brilliant advice
Question and answer, great advice
Love the Facebook group, find it so helpful!
Helpful layout
Practical advice not just links to more links
Support, a safe forum
Upto date information,  resources and training.
Current, up to date information. Community of Sen practitioners collaborating.
Support for SENDCo’s
Friendly and supportive network of helpful SENCOs and SEND specialists. Useful webinars
Useful info on the Facebook page
Love the planner!
I have only just found the Facebook page in the last couple of months. This is my first year in the role and tgis has been such a fame changer. So helpful and lots of useful advice.
Great training opportunities and advice. Facebook group is really useful
The community you facilitate is really supportive of all members , it enables Staff to ask any question ! Training is accessible when you can access mist easily through u tube. Resource support is wide . Platform to find out info you might not other wise see
Love Facebook group- safe place to ask questions . Been to two face to face training sessions and thought they were brilliant!
The detail in the support and training offerd, the great support abd advice offered by others in the same role, the friendliness and camaraderie
A place for sencos to be supported by peers
Range, frequency and cost of training sessions and the SEN books for children.
Helpful chat on Facebook about current concerns and issues
 Helpful training opportunities all virtual so easy to access
Support of the facebook group. Up to date info on the website. Youtube when im too tired to read! Also really liked the network coffee meet but dont make it very often. Webinars are really helpful too
I feel supported by the other members on the site and have always been able to navigate my way through some difficult/ challenging problems
I found Sensible SENCo recently and signed up as a platinum member. I am enjoying the networking on social media. The resources and website are great too. I am managing to watch the You Tube trainings and have found them useful. Your video newsletters that I have recently seen are good. I like the information given so far. They are quick and easy to watch when we are all so busy in our schools!  I have to say that it can seem a lonely place as a SENCo and this is not a cringe moment but I am glad that I have found Sensible SENCo and all that you offer. Even after doing my role for the past 10 years I am always looking for new ideas and I feel that Sensible SENCo offers so much. Thanks!
Practical advice that can be implemented!
Advice and support for a role that can at times be quite isolating
Sensible, factual and legal advice!
I’ve only just found you on Facebook and it all looks fab so have subscribed to your website. Looking forward to spending some time looking through over Easter.
I have recently been looking at updating our SEN resources so this will be give me an amazing starting point or even complete it.
An unbiased community who are always supportive of sencos at all stages in their careers. The CPD and trainings are relevant, informative and move my practice forward.
Chance to share snd learn new things
Invaluable advice, training and support.
Great advice and questions in the group
Invaluable support and advice
Collaboration – specialist input – in it together ethos
The support and understanding of the role of the Senco.
Love the Fb group
That is is real. Your work to support SENCos has saved ne so much time and stopped me from worrying aboutthings I don’t have headspace for. I can always find a solution via one platform or another.
I LOVE the wealth of knowledge shared and experiences of the Facebook group. These allow me to reflect regularly on my role, enhance my training and expertise and
seek to offer an ever growing provision for SEND learners and their families.
The amount of support you give us!
Friendly, realistic and huge offer of CPD
information and ideas
Simple advice and support easy to follow and implement
Advicd and support
The range of information and experience delivered in a clear and concise manner. The prompt replies to queries and the sharing of good practice.
Very useful and practical advice and support. Peer network is amazing
Update information about different SEND areas,  resources to use and different trainning
The advice and discussions with colleagues
Up to date information and support
Lots of quick useful advice and Abigail isnt above answering questions.
The support you offer via social media, training opportunities, up to date information, relevant to the day job.
Supportive advice for SENDCOs
Not sure yet but looking to find out more
Wide range of advice and support for all areas of the job.
It’s free!
I love that it’s a safe space to stare ideas and learn.
Great advice
Safe space to ask questions, advice and strategies, innovative ideas, support/info on new send initiatives/services
Easily accessible, non-judgemental, practical
Wide variety of advice, support and CPD
Great forum for advice
Super sessions for CPD
Support and updates
The resources and support network
Lots of advice, webinars and offers like this
I like that you offer support and recommendations to helping SENDCOs
group chat
I use Facebook most of the time to see questions and answers from other SENCOs/professionals. I find this really useful. I have also watched some of the clips on YouTube and also find these useful.
The regular updates on Facebook are invaluable. Also being part of a nationwide network of experience and expertise gives really helpful support and advice.
Supportive, cost effective, easy to understand.
The quick and accessible support available to any colleagues in the role.
The relaxed and friendly style in what is delivered just makes me smile after a long day at work,  with a wider range of informative sessions to take away.
The supportive nature of the Facebook group is fantastic for someone who is learning the ‘trade’, like myself.
Collective support
A network of advice and ideas

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