Play Included and Brick-by-Brick, a Lego Therapy Company

by | Dec 13, 2023


Play Included and Lego Therapy – A Brick-by-Brick programme

Play Included C.I.C. is at the forefront of delivering innovative training and resources through their Brick-by-Brick® program, focusing on LEGO brick-based therapy. What sets Play Included apart is their unique status as the only training provider for LEGO brick-based therapy officially endorsed and partnered with the LEGO Foundation.

Founded by the dynamic duo of Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Gina Gomez de la Cuesta, who is also the author of the LEGO brick-based therapy manual, and Educational Psychologist, Dr. Elinor Brett, Play Included is on a passionate mission to provide world-leading, play-based programs that nurture children’s social and emotional development.

The heart of Play Included’s offerings is the Brick-by-Brick® program, a cutting-edge approach to LEGO brick-based therapy. This program is not only evidence-based but is also firmly rooted in neurodiversity, affirming the unique strengths and perspectives of every child. At its core, Brick-by-Brick® harnesses the power of play as a medium for learning, enabling children to develop essential social skills, enhance their communication abilities, and gain a deeper understanding of their emotions through collaborative LEGO play.

One of the key strengths of Play Included is its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. They have developed an engaging and effective program that can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of children. Whether a child is on the autism spectrum or neurotypical, Brick-by-Brick® offers an inclusive environment where they can thrive.

But Play Included doesn’t stop at their paid programs; they also have a wealth of free resources available for parents and teachers. These resources are designed to support the development of meaningful relationships, foster friendships, and enhance social skills in children. These valuable materials can be conveniently downloaded from Play Included’s website, making it accessible to anyone looking to empower children with the tools they need to succeed socially and emotionally.

In summary, Play Included C.I.C. is a trailblazer in the field of LEGO brick-based therapy, endorsed by the LEGO Foundation, and driven by a team of dedicated experts in the field of psychology and education. Their Brick-by-Brick® program is a beacon of hope for children, offering them the chance to learn, grow, and connect through the power of play. With a commitment to neurodiversity and a wealth of free resources, Play Included is truly making a positive impact on children’s lives, one LEGO brick at a time.

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