Transforming Education: Effective SEND CPD and Expansive Learning with Dr. Kulvarn Atwal

by | Jan 12, 2023

Transforming Education: Effective SEND CPD and Expansive Learning with Dr. Kulvarn Atwal

by | Jan 12, 2023

Empowering School Communities Through Effective SEND CPD

Effective SEND CPD as a Catalyst for Change

Dr. Kulvarn Atwal’s webinar on “Effective SEND CPD” provided a profound insight into the creation of expansive learning environments within schools, emphasizing the critical link between adult learning and student success. He articulated how outcomes—academic, personal, social, and emotional—are enhanced in an atmosphere that prioritizes inclusion and learning-focused leadership.

SEN as the Golden Thread

A highlight of Dr. Atwal’s discussion was the concept of making SEN the central theme or ‘Golden Thread’ of a school’s ethos, leading to significant reductions in staff recruitment costs. His research showcased how a strong focus on SEN not only benefits students with additional needs but also creates a more cohesive, satisfied, and stable teaching staff.

Addressing Teacher Retention and Professional Learning

Concerns around teacher retention and the need for continuous professional development were central to Dr. Atwal’s presentation. He shared insights and practical recommendations for schools aiming to support SEND within mainstream education effectively, stressing the importance of nurturing a culture that values every teacher’s growth and contribution.

Case Studies of Success

Dr. Atwal brought his research to life with case studies from schools he has led, demonstrating how targeted training and a commitment to SEND CPD can simplify and enhance staff development processes. These examples served as a blueprint for attendees, illustrating the tangible benefits of adopting similar strategies in their settings.

Dr. Kulvarn Atwal: An Inspirational Educator

With a career dedicated to teaching and leadership in East London schools, Dr. Atwal’s passion for educational excellence and inclusion is undeniable. His work, including his influential book “The Thinking School,” offers a valuable resource for educators striving to cultivate dynamic learning communities.

This webinar illuminated the importance of Effective SEND CPD in promoting inclusive education and positive student outcomes. Dr. Atwal’s expertise and research underscored the potential for transformative change within schools, inspiring participants to reimagine their approach to professional development and student support.

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