Our Partners

We work really closely with our partners and they contribute to our work by sponsoring this website.

Platinum Partners

B Squared narrow logo no background

Since the Beginning

What more can we say, Dale and the team have been hugely influential in supporting SENsible SENCO, whether it has been as a ear to listen to our concerns or to give us direction on how to support you further, they have been there.  A huge thank you to everyone at B Squared

United Learning for our Teaching Assistant level 3 apprenticeship

Martha, Helen and the team!

We’ve worked with Mable for many years, Abigail even used their counselling services back when she was a SENCO in a Nottingham secondary school.  It was amazing the difference that was made to children that really needed the support.  We are proud to have Mable supporting the SEMH section of the website.

Speech & Language Link logo

SLCN from an Exceptional Source!

Speech and Language Link approached us early in 2023, they wanted to support what is one of the highest needs in SEN and have the same ethos as we do, to give more back to the community than they take. Working with Yin and the team has really increased both the website resources and the content we produce.  They will continue to be a huge influence in the SLCN world!

SEN books logo

The original SEN podcast!

With thousands of listeners we have to mention The SENDcast, it’s impact has really made a difference to educators across the country, if not the world! You’ll see their podcasts within our SENCO resources sections.

Texthelp - text to speech compliant with JCQ for exam access arrangements

Then there was Texthelp

Probably one of the biggest influencers in the Ed-Tech industry, Texthelp have allowed us to take your comments and put them in front of many other companies creating a better culture of listening to those that use the products and services, rather than creating something that is another new fad.   We love Texthelp for their support and especially Paddy who has been great to work with!

Widgit logo

The best symbols out there!

We’ve loved the team at Widgit for many years and in 2024 they joined us as a platinum partner, not only that, but they allowed us to use their symbols around the website to make a more inclusive website for you.

Gold Partners

Legal advice for SEN/SENCOs

For all your Educational Law Needs

BirkettLong have been supporters of SENsible SENCO for many years, Thomas Emmett continually supports both our Conferences and our webinars by answering questions on EHCPs and other SEN legal.  They also offer a one-day course that can really help SENCOs.  Check out our Events in SEN page for the next available date!

Legal advice for SEN/SENCOs

From Day One

PIVATs was one of our first partners in for the website they have supported us for many years, and it’s always a delight to chat to them, run by Lancastershire County Council the team at PIVATs have hosted a webinar and do have their own online training platform if you need support with their product.

SEN books logo

Books for you and your School!

SENbooks work with us to supply our books from our shop, they also sponsor the £100 montly prize draw.  A big thank you to Colin and Rachel for their continuing support!

TTS logo

Physical Resources for you and your School.

We’ve done many reviews on TTS products from the vibrating Guinea Pig to the Calming Cat or Kitt the programmable robot.  TTS have supported SENCOs by creating giveaway bundles just for you, including those from SENsible24.

Supporting Partners

The Five Minute Box - a physical intervention for numeracy or literacy to help SEN pupils in schools

Five Minute Box support programmes for maths and English have been tried and tested for many years, as a small company we are grateful for the support of Fiona and the team!

Senploy the SEND job board

Recruitment and Job Board at Your Finger Tips

SENploy with Amy Allen are here for your recruitment needs.  They have a job board that you can advertise through or browse through to find your next job as a TA or SENCO.  They’ve allowed us to embed their site within our own which makes it super helpful to us!

Hamish and Milo SEMH resources

Clare and Anne have supported SENsible SENCO in the background for many years, they are like minded and want just to make a difference to the children that we are all here for.

Connections in Mind - Executive Functioning

Victoria and the team have been answering questions in our Facebook group for years, in 2024 they came onboard and now support us with the executive functioning area, something that can make a large difference to your students!

Play Included Lego Therapy

Gina and Eli know the value of play to help learners, as another Community Interest Company their goals align directly with ours.  To help and support learners.

Eiger Standing Desk

What can we say about Nick and the team? They know that quality products need to be the heart of any classroom and to be able to help those with ADHD by giving them the option of standing instead of sitting has been a huge success!

The Five Minute Box - a physical intervention for numeracy or literacy to help SEN pupils in schools

Then there is Gavin, Mindscreen looks to help the emotional behaviour of secondary pupils and Gavin has been a sounding board for many of our ventures, he was the one we ran the whole partner programme past, which now supports all SENCOs within our community!

Want to Join Our Partner Plan?

We have multiple ways we can support you and allow you to engage with our SENCO community to help you design and create something that is really fit to support the needs of the pupils.  We put all our money back into the community, so by being our partner you’re also giving back to those that need it the most.