National Read Aloud Challenge – with Fonetti

by | May 22, 2023

National Read Aloud Challenge – NRAC

What is the National Read Aloud Challenge?

The National Read Aloud Challenge by Fonetti is an exciting initiative aimed at promoting literacy and encouraging children to read more. It is a competition designed to engage and motivate young readers, offering them a fun and interactive platform to develop their reading skills. Let’s delve into the details of this national challenge.

The challenge was launched on May 18th, 2023, and is open to both schools and home users at no cost. This inclusive approach ensures that all children, regardless of their educational setting, can participate and benefit from the program. As part of the launch, Fonetti offers three months of free access to their extensive catalogue of books for children who participate in the challenge.

The Fonetti app, which has garnered awards for its effectiveness, is the cornerstone of this challenge. It serves as a read-aloud tool that enhances literacy skills, boosts reading accuracy, increases the number of words read per minute, and instills confidence in young readers. The app’s gamified features and leaderboards add an element of competition, further motivating children to read and improve their skills.

Teachers play a vital role in this initiative as well. Fonetti provides the Fonetti School Portal, a dedicated platform for teachers, where they can access real-time personalised reading assessment data for their students. This data helps educators identify individual reading needs and tailor their instruction accordingly, ultimately leading to better reading outcomes for students.

To celebrate the achievements of the participants, an awards ceremony will be held in London, hosted by Clare Balding. This recognition event serves to acknowledge the efforts and progress made by young readers throughout the challenge.

Fonetti’s commitment to supporting reading at home is evident in their partnership with The Read Aloud Challenge. The Fonetti reading app is not only educational but also entertaining, offering a library of over 200 books for children to enjoy both at school and at home. This broad selection ensures that children have access to a diverse range of reading materials to fuel their love for reading.

The National Read Aloud Challenge by Fonetti is an innovative program that seeks to promote literacy, engage young readers, and support educators in improving reading outcomes. With its gamification elements, personalised reading assessments, and extensive library, this challenge empowers children to develop their reading skills, boosts their confidence, and cultivates a lifelong love for reading.

National Read Aloud Challenge

Why is SENsible SENCO involved?

SENsible SENCO CIC is teaming up with Fonetti for the National Read Aloud Challenge because, let’s face it, we’re bookworms and we love a good read! But it’s not just about our passion for literature. We believe that every child should have access to the magic of reading, and Fonetti’s approach to reading is the perfect way to get kids excited about reading. Plus, who doesn’t love a good challenge? By joining forces, we can help even more children develop a lifelong love of reading and become literary superstars! So, let’s get cracking and show those books who’s boss!

The Read Aloud program has our SEN pupils as a first focus, “from dyslexia-friendly fonts, to the ability to pause the book for shorter attention spans, app-based reading is an inclusive alternative to print. Fonetti gives positive reinforcement throughout, as it congratulates progress, builds confidence, and removes the fear of reading aloud.”

Oh and we will also be at the award ceremony, which will be free for schools to attend!  

What is involved?

Fonetti are giving free access to their reading platform for the duration of the National Read Aloud Challenge, when your school signs up, you’ll be entered into a league with other schools, then it’s all about reading. The full document is available below for you to look through.

What is Fonetti?

Want to find out more and join in?

Take a look at the Fonetti website and give it a go!

The earlier your school starts the more time you’ll have to rack up those points, so make sure to start as soon as possible to be the champions of reading!

Good Luck to all schools and students participating in this wonderful event!

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