by | May 1, 2021


Review completed by SENsible SENCO 

SEMH assessment and progress solution…

This area is notoriously difficult to assess and even more complicated to review progress of student against any intervention!

And that assumes you’ve managed to find a suitable intervention for the students!


Mindscreen offers something a little different, likely to plug some of those gaps in your SENCO Toolkit.

With a FREE Self-esteem tool available on the website, Mindscreen is off to a great start.  In addition to the free tool, though, they have the Mindscreen experience® which offers a comprehensive assessment followed by an intensive program of fully resourced intervention support.

With the opportunity to reassess during and at the end of the intervention, Mindscreen’s program is worth exploring.

“Mindscreen have developed an incredibly useful program for secondary schools who are asking, “what interventions can I put in place for my students with SEMH and how can I measure progress?” Simple, straightforward and a combination of computer and human, it’s not often I come across something that is refreshingly different and fills a gaping hole in the SEN assessment process.”

Our conclusion

I am a massive fan of Mindscreen and their approach, the fact it fills a gap in my SENCO Toolkit is just icing on the cake!

Mindscreen isn’t a product that has been thrown onto the market on the whim of some barely researched innovation – it is a product that has been developed over years and has been trialled, refined and validated by psychologists and universities.

As a SENCO, we are used to ‘teaching’ interventions, but trying to explain to other staff what to do can be time consuming and not always accurate.  The Mindscreen materials are presented such that any TA could pick them up, do a little bit of preparation and deliver a quality intervention. 


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