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Transforming SEND Assessment: Measuring Outcomes with TME Explained

by | Sep 30, 2023

Transforming SEND Assessment: Measuring Outcomes with TME Explained

by | Sep 30, 2023

Measuring SEND Outcomes with TME

Understanding the Basics of Outcome Measurement

Phil opened the session by addressing the fundamental question of how we measure outcomes for SEND pupils. He highlighted the challenges educators face in tracking progress and establishing reliable baselines for individual learners.

Introducing TME: A Comprehensive Approach

The core of the webinar focused on the Target Monitoring Evaluation (TME) system. Phil detailed how TME provides a holistic view of a pupil’s achievements, not just by marking the level met but also by showcasing the journey from the baseline, enabling educators to visualize progress effectively.

Exploring Additional Assessment Tools

Beyond TME, Phil discussed various products and tools available for measuring outcomes. This segment underscored the importance of using a diverse array of assessments to capture the full spectrum of student development and learning.

Advocating for Multiple Intervention Strategies

An essential takeaway from the talk was the necessity of employing multiple interventions. Phil argued for a broad-based approach to support, emphasizing that no single method suits all learners and that flexibility and adaptability are key to meeting individual needs.

Phil Stock: An Expert in SEND and Inclusion

Phil’s background as Head of Inclusion Services, Principal Educational Psychologist, and founder of Invision360 brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. His experiences both in the UK and internationally have informed the development of digital solutions like Invision360, aimed at raising standards and improving outcomes for SEND pupils.

The session concluded with a vibrant Q&A, where Phil and attendees exchanged ideas and strategies, further enriching the dialogue on measuring SEND outcomes. This webinar provided attendees with valuable insights into the nuanced process of evaluating progress for pupils with SEND, highlighting the critical role of tools like TME and the importance of a multifaceted approach to assessment and intervention.

By diving into “Measuring SEND Outcomes with TME,” this webinar not only illuminated the complexities of SEND assessment but also offered practical solutions and strategies to enhance the educational journey for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

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