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Mastering Safe and Effective Manual Handling Techniques for Special Education Needs (SEN) with Solutions Training

by | Jun 12, 2023

Mastering Safe and Effective Manual Handling Techniques for Special Education Needs (SEN) with Solutions Training

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At Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd, we are thrilled to announce a remarkable shift in how individuals with special needs are being supported. This change has been a long-awaited and hard-fought battle, spanning over two decades. Previously, children with physical disabilities were often excluded from participating in activities that were considered suitable only for able-bodied students. However, the special education sector has made significant progress in educating their staff on adapting to diverse moving and handling needs. As a result, all students, regardless of their physical abilities, can now actively engage in therapeutic and enjoyable activities.

One pivotal factor in driving this positive transformation was the implementation of the Manual Handling Operations regulations in 1992. These regulations mandated schools to conduct risk assessments and take reasonable steps to minimize risks to both staff and students. Schools were required to prioritize safety and explore practical solutions rather than engaging in measures that would be excessively costly in relation to the benefits achieved. Back in 1995, when these regulations were fully implemented, Paul Meek, the founder of Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd, collaborated closely with numerous special and mainstream schools in West Sussex. Together, they examined how the provision of new moving and handling equipment, along with comprehensive training, could enhance safety and create fresh opportunities for students.

Ensuring that staff members who move and handle students receive appropriate training has been a crucial objective in the regulatory changes. Thanks to ongoing evolution and education, this objective has been successfully met. The ultimate aim behind these regulatory amendments was to ensure that no child would be excluded from any aspect of their academic journey. Every student, regardless of their unique needs, deserves to share the same experiences as their able-bodied peers throughout their educational years.

While progress has been made in managing the risks associated with moving and handling, there is still work to be done. Challenges such as poor postures, static muscle loading, and repetitive actions continue to pose risks in many schools. Reducing these risks remains a priority. To support this need for further change, Solutions Training & Advisory Ltd has developed customized training solutions that can be tailored to each school’s unique requirements and the specific handling needs of their students. We are committed to offering extremely cost-effective training options, ensuring that schools can access the necessary training even when facing budget restrictions.

Here are some of our sector-specific training solutions:

1️⃣ Video Conferencing Skills Training: We provide bespoke training sessions via video conferencing, focusing on basic moving and handling techniques, hoist training, and pupil transfers (e.g., toileting, bed transfers). This cost-effective approach minimizes training downtime for your staff.

2️⃣ E-Learning: Our online People Moving People theory course is designed specifically for the education and health and social care sectors. This course equips learners with the required knowledge of moving and handling. Many customers find this course valuable as a complement to their internal training programs (blended learning). By completing the theory online, staff members gain the necessary foundational knowledge, saving around half a day of face-to-face training time and reducing costs. Feel free to access a free demo of this course through the link provided at the bottom of this email.

3️⃣ Train the Trainer – People Moving People: We offer sector-specific training to your internal trainers, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, and techniques to cascade the learned training to other staff members. This accredited course includes the provision of the QNUK Level 3 Award for Moving and Handling Trainers (Health & Social Care), recognized on the regulated qualifications framework.

4️⃣ Train the Trainer Update/Refresher Training: To ensure compliance, your existing trainers are required to attend regular update courses every 18 to 24 months. These courses reaffirm their knowledge and skills, guaranteeing that they remain up to date.

5️⃣ Classroom-Based Specific Training: Our experienced trainers will come to your venue to deliver training sessions tailored to your staff’s specific needs, ensuring practical and hands-on learning experiences.

We take a consultative approach, offering personalized guidance to bridge any gaps in your risk assessments, assist with conforming to Ofsted advisories, and fulfill your due diligence expectations.

We hope you find this information intriguing and useful. To explore our full catalog of courses, please visit our website or reach out to me with any questions you may have.

Warm regards,

Mandie Pearson

Email: [email protected]

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