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by | Apr 2, 2023

MA Inclusive Educational Leadership – In partnership with The Inclusion Expert & University of Buckingham

What to do after the NASENCO? –

Abigail, Daniel & University of Buckingham explain

NASENCO Done, What’s Next?

We constantly hear the NASENCO just doesn’t support the practical side of being an inclusive practitioner. So, Abigail Hawkins and Daniel Sobel created the MA Inclusive Educational Leadership with the support of University of Buckingham. To get started on this course you need to be working in a school and have previously completed the NASENCO.

This is a one off opportunity to

Cash-in your NASENCO qualification credit towards an MA Inclusive Educational Leadership

You’ve done so much work and an MA is in sight. This is your only opportunity to make that leap based on what you have already done. This is a one time offer, don’t miss it.

With the inaugural launch of the MA Inclusive Educational Leadership, Abigail, Daniel and University of Buckingham take your questions on how the programme will work, funding, qualifications and everything else.

You can find out more about this exclusive course here

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Cut off date for applications is 16th July 2024. 

Why are we doing this?

This initiative was conceived and is led by Daniel Sobel and Abigail Hawkins. Between them, they have supported many thousands of schools and SENCOs and this is their idea to help SENCOs advance either within the world of SEN or to utilise what they have gained to move on to other fields.

Find out more about our NASENCO conversion course

Session 1 Video, this includes some details about the timing of the course, financing and what’s involved.  If you have any further questions you can join us in session 2 with Abigail and Daniel or on session 3 with Abigail, Daniel and Bethany.  

Session 2 Q&A

Get Started!

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Meet the Tutors

One final session, this will be an interactive meeting with the course tutors Abigail and Daniel, they will discuss the course content and how it will help you with your role as a SENCO/Inclusive practitioner.  So come along with your questions and learn a little bit more about this unique course.


Q. Are their any financing options for this course?

A. If you contact University of Buckingham directly they can advise you on the best options available. Many of the courses can be paid on a termly basis. Speak to Fran at The University of Buckingham.

Q. Can the apprenticeship levy be used to fund this course?

A.  No, this is not an apprenticeship.

Q. Would the course be flexible for those in different time zones?

A. Study of course content can be done in a time to suit the student. Online sessions are scheduled to take place after 4pm UK time and live attendance is encouraged, however they will be recorded.  At present the University has students from all over the world in different time zones.

Q. What is the weekly time commitment we would need to give to the course?

A. The suggested time is approximately 10 hours per week during term time. 

Q. Is there a time period I need to have completed the SENDCo qualification within?

A.  The NASENCO must be completed and awarded before starting the course as this is used for part of the accreditation.  You will need to contact the University to cross check specific requirements.

Q.   I do not have the NASENCO award but have the Level 7 Diploma in Teaching/Assessing Learners with SpLD. I am a SENCo in the independent sector. Can I apply?

A.  The University is willing to consider alternatives to the NASENCO, however you will need to discuss this with them individually.  You will need  a transcript of any qualification you are hoping to cash-in.  Contact your original awarding body to obtain a copy of this if you do not have one.

Q. Would it be possible to do this course if you are a Trust SEND Improvement Lead? Working across a range of schools.

A.  Yes!

Q. I will be in Australia on sabbatical until the end of November. Will I still be able to join this cohort and ‘catch-up’ once I am back please?

A.  The University does not recommend this approach and suggests you are able to join from any location and keep up with the work.

Session 2 questions

Q.  What are the timescales for completion?

A.  The course starts in Sept, there are 2 modules to complete before Easter, then it allows the summer holiday period in 2024 off before restarting the dissertation in Sept 2024.  The course should finish the Easter of 2025. 

Q. Is this a pass/fail course like the NASENCO?

A.  Pass/Merit/Distinction which will be added to the transcript, there is also a graduation event.


Q.  What’s the time commitment each week?

A.  We have to make sure that it follows the expected time for level 7 qualifications, it is 300 hours per term, this includes everything, reading, attending talks, watching videos plus the learning.  We recommend taking an hour each morning or in the afternoon to keep work life balance.  Some of the time will be taken up by what you are doing in school.

Q.  What time are the sessions?

A.  Mostly they will be at 16:00 or 17:00, we recorded everything that is live for you to watch back.

Q. Apart from the dissertation, what is the timescale for the assignments?

A.   The bigger assignments take a couple of months to complete.  You’ll get structured sessions and there will be drop in clinics that you can attend and ask questions in that time as well.  We have a lot of support available for you to use on each assignment.

Q.  What’s the word count for the essays?

A.  4,000-5,000 these are structured to become longer throughout the course.  15,000 for the dissertation.

Q.  Can you give drafts in for feedback?

A.  You can give drafts in and your tutor will support you, we have a video on working with your supervisor and what you can expect.

Q.  Is this a unique course unavailable anywhere else?

A.  Yes, this degree has not been just taken off the shelf, you will not get Abigail and Daniel tutoring on a MA anywhere else.  This course complements the NASENCO course, and adds the leadership skills that you need as a SENCO/inclusive practitioner.  

Q.  What is the cost and can it be paid over 21 months?

A.  £5,500 which is cheaper than other MA’s.  We do have some students that have agreements with their schools to have it taken out monthly from their salary before tax, which makes it even more affordable.  We can also do termly payments, you’d would need to discuss this with Fran at the University of Buckingham.

Q.  Does it matter when I completed my NASENCO qualification?

A.  No, the main thing that matters is the number of credits that it is.  You will need the transcript from the educational establishment that you did the NASENCO or alternate level 7 qualification, this costs about £10. 

Q.  Can the work be linked to our own area of practice? Or are the topics set?

A.  There will be titles that you will need to follow, but it will rotate around your own area of practice.

Q.  Could I use my NASENCO to cash in on other courses? 

A.  It would depend on the University, and it would have to be linked to a related topic.  This is due to it covering the learning of a part of the course, you probably wouldn’t be able to convert your NASENCO qualification into something not based around SEN or the SENCO role.

Q.  Can I count two level 7 qualifications towards the course?

A.  No, only one level 7 qualification can be used for the first 60 credits.

Q.  When do we need to get applications in?

A.  16th July 2024 is the cut off, please get them in before then as it makes the process much smoother, we do have a lot of applications in the last minute and these can bottleneck the process.

Q.  If circumstances change can we pause and recommence?

A.  It is possible to have an extension on assignments ( 2 weeks) dissertation (1 month) we also have the ability to pause and defer, but was the course may not run next year, we are unsure if this is a possibility, we will know more once the course starts.

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