Keeping Up with Qualifications and Certifications in SEND

by | Oct 31, 2023

Envision a library. Not just any library, but one dedicated entirely to SEND qualifications and certifications. Over time, like any library, the books start to age, some information becomes outdated, and new editions are released. Our task? To ensure our library is always stocked with the latest editions, guaranteeing the most up-to-date knowledge. Dive with me into the world of SEND qualifications and certifications, and let’s understand why their timely update is crucial.


The Importance of Updated Qualifications


  1. Evolving Best Practices


As research in SEND progresses, new strategies, interventions, and best practices emerge. Staying updated ensures we are providing the best support possible to our students.


  1. Legal and Statutory Requirements


Regulations and requirements for SEND provisions can change. Updated qualifications ensure compliance with the latest standards and laws.


  1. Boosting Confidence and Credibility


For staff, having the latest qualifications not only boosts their confidence in their role but also enhances their credibility among peers, parents, and students.


Staying Abreast: Strategies to Monitor and Update


  1. Regular Audits


Perform a periodic review of all qualifications and certifications held by SEND staff. Check for expiration dates and flag those nearing their end.


  1. Subscribe to Updates


Many professional bodies offer subscription services to notify members of changes in qualifications or when recertification is due. Ensure you’re subscribed to these.


  1. Plan Ahead


If a qualification requires renewal every few years, mark it on your calendar well in advance. This gives ample time for any necessary coursework or assessments.


  1. Budget for Continual Learning


Recognise that updating qualifications often comes with costs. Allocate budget for this purpose, considering both direct costs (like course fees) and indirect ones (like cover for staff attending training).




Broadening the Horizons


  1. Identify New Opportunities


Beyond mandatory certifications, explore new courses or qualifications that could benefit your SEND provisions. This proactive approach keeps the team ahead of the curve.


  1. Encourage Peer Sharing


If a staff member has acquired a new qualification, organise a session where they can share their learnings with the team. This maximises the impact of each training.


  1. Attend Workshops and Seminars


These can offer condensed insights into the latest in SEND without the need for a full qualification. They’re also great networking opportunities.


In the heart of our imaginary SEND library, remember, it’s not just about having books on the shelf, but ensuring those books are the latest, most relevant editions. Updated qualifications are the cornerstone of excellence in SEND support. To all our diligent SENCOs, amidst the myriad tasks you juggle, ensure this one stays high on the list. After all, the best tools in the hands of the best-trained individuals can only lead to unparalleled success. Until next time, keep learning and evolving!  Remember the weekly SENsible SENCO Network meetings aim to bring new solutions to your screen.

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