2023 JCQ Access Arrangements Unveiled: Overcoming Top Issues and Embracing New Processes

by | Dec 9, 2023

2023 JCQ Access Arrangements Unveiled: Overcoming Top Issues and Embracing New Processes

by | Dec 9, 2023

Navigating the 2023 JCQ Access Arrangements: A Comprehensive Overview

Introduction to 2023 JCQ Access Arrangements

Dive into the latest updates on JCQ access arrangements for 2023, presented by Nick. This section sets the stage for understanding the significance of these changes and how they impact examination preparation and student support.

Top 10 Issues Identified in Schools

Uncover the common pitfalls and challenges schools face regarding JCQ access arrangements. Nick provides a detailed analysis of the top issues discovered by inspectors, offering solutions to avoid these setbacks in your institution.

Mastering the New Form 9 Process

Explore the intricacies of the newly introduced Form 9 process. This part of the webinar is dedicated to guiding SENCOs through the updated documentation requirements, ensuring a smoother and more efficient process for all involved.

Addressing Dyslexia within JCQ Access Arrangements

Gain clarity on how dyslexia is accommodated within the framework of JCQ access arrangements. Nick answers prevalent questions and shares strategies for supporting students with dyslexia, ensuring they receive the necessary adjustments during exams.

FAQs: Direct Answers from Nick and JCQ

Benefit from a dedicated Q&A session where Nick addresses common inquiries related to JCQ access arrangements. This segment aims to equip SENCOs with the knowledge to navigate the examination landscape confidently, reducing the need for direct queries to JCQ.

Join us for this essential webinar to stay informed about the 2023 JCQ access arrangement requirements. Equip yourself with the expertise to navigate these changes effectively, support students with dyslexia, and streamline your examination preparation process.

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