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Inclusion for Primary School Teachers by Nancy Gedge

Inclusion for Primary School Teachers is a comprehensive book for both new and experienced mainstream teachers.  Nancy Gedge shares her wealth of experience, both as a parent of a child with SEND, as well as a SEND educator. 

The book is clearly written and can be read either from cover to cover, or for the reader to dip in and out of chapters as necessary.  Each chapter is well organised with key information, as well as easy to implement recommendations and ‘pause for thought’ reflections.

The chapters in order cover inclusion, the SEND code of practice, how to make reasonable adjustments, managing behaviour, common labels, relationships and assessment.  The final chapter, Jargon Buster, is especially useful with common acronyms, abbreviations and troubleshooting ideas.

Although I highly recommend this book for class-based teachers, it was published in 2016, shortly after the introduction of the 2014 SEND Code of Practice.  Therefore, some old terminology is still included.  These small issues do not though detract from the overall usefulness of the book.  It has been written for non-SEND specialists, rather than SENCos, but could be useful to those new to the role of SENCo.


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