Eiger Standing Desk for schools

by | Apr 6, 2023

What is an Eiger Standing Desk?

I Want A Standing Desk Ltd are the proud team of people behind the unique EIGER classroom standing desk. Established in 2013 we are considered one of the most trusted and knowledgeable standing desk experts in the UK.

An EIGER classroom standing desk simply converts any existing desk or flat surface into a standing desk. It allows any age of child to stand and document their work (and many other things). It’s a modular design which means it easily assembles and dis-assembles in seconds giving a school enormous flexibility. It is UK manufactured from beautiful, super strong birch plywood so will last a school a lifetime.

The EIGER desk has proven to assist neurodiverse children greatly and their learning outcomes as well as assisting schools with their whole school wellbeing approach. Over 800 UK schools now use helping 1000’s of children every day.

Video Demo

Standing Desk trial

Eiger Standing Desks for Schools

Verified Testimonials

“The desks have gone down a storm with pupils and teachers, they really help us to deliver our flexible learning approach and are in constant use by all pupils in the class on a rotation basis.” 

Portway Junior School


“Just wanted to let you know that I received the desks today. I set one up straight away and I cannot tell you the difference I’ve seen in the children already. I have pre-formal learners who get quite distressed when asked to sit at a table. One child hasn’t been able to do any tasks at a table but today he was able to complete three tasks throughout the course of the day. I am so very grateful. I’ll be telling everyone about these.”

Beacontree Primary School


“Our pupils have only been using the desks for a few weeks. They have been remarkable!! One of our girls has responded very positively to the standing desk – she is slightly more focused and hardly moves around the classroom. She is less disruptive and so the classroom is calmer and more learning can take place with other class members but more importantly with the girl who is trailing the desk.”

Winterbourne Junior Girls School

Thornton Heath

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