Unlocking Numeracy: Effective Dyscalculia Support Strategies with Rob Jennings

by | Sep 30, 2023

Unlocking Numeracy: Effective Dyscalculia Support Strategies with Rob Jennings

by | Sep 30, 2023

Navigating the Challenges of Dyscalculia

Understanding Dyscalculia

Begin with an introduction to dyscalculia, where Rob Jennings sheds light on the condition, emphasizing its distinction from and similarities to dyslexia. This section clarifies what dyscalculia is and the significant impact it has on learning numeracy skills.

Exploring Interventions for Dyscalculia

Discover the range of interventions available to support students with dyscalculia. Rob introduces practical changes and strategies that can be implemented in the classroom to enhance numeracy understanding and reduce anxiety associated with math.

The Role of the Dyscalculia Network

Learn about the Dyscalculia Network and its mission to raise awareness and provide resources for those affected by dyscalculia. This segment highlights how the network supports educators, parents, and students in navigating dyscalculia.

Assessing for Dyscalculia

Gain insights into the assessment process for dyscalculia. Rob discusses the tools and methods used to identify dyscalculia in students, offering guidance on how to approach assessment with sensitivity and accuracy.

Rob Jennings: Advocate for Numeracy Awareness

Conclude with an overview of Rob Jennings’ work and passion for increasing awareness of dyscalculia. This section underscores Rob’s belief in the potential for improvement and the importance of addressing numeracy challenges head-on.

Q&A Session: Diverse Perspectives on Dyscalculia

Following the presentation, engage with a Q&A session where Rob and other experts address audience questions, providing further insights and sometimes differing opinions on best practices for supporting students with dyscalculia.

This webinar is an essential resource for educators, parents, and SENCOs seeking to understand dyscalculia better and explore effective strategies for supporting students.

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