Building Connections: Enhancing Wellbeing Through LEGO Play for Neurodivergent Children

by | Oct 26, 2023

Building Connections: Enhancing Wellbeing Through LEGO Play for Neurodivergent Children

by | Oct 26, 2023

Reflecting on LEGO Play’s Impact on Neurodivergent Children

Insights from LEGO Therapy: Unlocking Potential

In our recent session, we delved into the transformative role of LEGO play in neurodivergent children’s development. We explored the therapeutic benefits of this structured yet creative form of play, highlighting its efficacy in enhancing social skills and emotional wellbeing.

Unveiling New Research and Practices in LEGO Therapy

We shared cutting-edge research findings on LEGO play and its positive effects on social and emotional growth. These insights shed light on effective practices for Brick Clubs, emphasizing the unique advantages for neurodivergent children.

Establishing Neurodiversity Affirmative Brick Clubs

The webinar provided a comprehensive guide on creating inclusive Brick Clubs that celebrate neurodiversity. Attendees learned how to foster environments that encourage collaborative play and inclusivity, making every child feel valued and understood.

Implementing Best Practices for LEGO Therapy

Participants gained practical tips for running successful LEGO therapy sessions. Based on the latest research and expert recommendations, we discussed strategies for facilitating engaging and impactful Brick Club meetings.

Interactive Q&A: Building Community and Understanding

The session concluded with a dynamic Q&A, where attendees exchanged questions, experiences, and insights related to implementing LEGO therapy and managing Brick Clubs. This rich dialogue offered additional layers of understanding and community building among educators and SENCOs.

This webinar provided an invaluable opportunity for educators and SENCOs to embrace the benefits of LEGO play in supporting the development of neurodivergent children. The insights shared have equipped attendees with the knowledge and strategies to implement LEGO therapy effectively, promising a brighter, more inclusive future in educational settings.