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Hosting Drop-In Sessions: Why and How?

by | Oct 27, 2023

You’re in a bustling town square. Amidst the daily hustle and bustle, there’s a charming little tent with a sign that reads: “SEND Drop-In Sessions – Step Right In!” Inside, there’s a delightful exchange of ideas, stories, and insights. And who’s that playing both the gracious host and attentive listener? Well, it’s our diligent SENCO, always keen on fostering community ties. While our makeshift town square might be fictional, the power of drop-in sessions in the realm of SEND is as real as it gets. Let’s embark on a journey to understand the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of these invaluable sessions.


The Essence of Drop-In Sessions


1. Fostering Open Communication

Drop-in sessions create a safe and informal space for parents, pupils, and staff to voice their concerns, ask questions, or simply share their experiences related to SEND provisions.

2. Building Trust

Regular face-to-face interactions bolster trust between the school and its stakeholders. It demonstrates the school’s commitment to transparency and continuous improvement.


Benefits of Hosting Drop-In Sessions


1. Immediate Feedback

Immediate responses can be provided, and timely resolutions can be sought for any concerns raised.

2. Enhanced Engagement

Such sessions promote active participation from parents and pupils, ensuring they feel more involved in the SEND process.

3. Knowledge Sharing

Drop-ins can be educational. SENCOs can use this platform to disseminate information about new interventions, policies, or resources.


Planning and Execution: The Blueprint


1. Regularity is Key

Whether you opt for weekly, monthly, or termly sessions, consistency is essential. Scheduled sessions ensure stakeholders can plan their visits.

2. Varied Timings

Consider hosting sessions at different times – some during school hours, some in the evenings, to accommodate varied schedules.

3. Promote the Sessions

Use school newsletters, websites, and notice boards to advertise upcoming drop-in sessions. A good turnout is often a result of effective promotion.

4. Setting the Tone

Create a welcoming environment. Comfortable seating, refreshments, and clear signage can make attendees feel at ease.

5. Document Insights

Maintain a record of common concerns, feedback, or suggestions that arise during these sessions. This helps in future planning and demonstrates that you value stakeholder input.


Addressing Challenges


1. Managing High Turnout

If a session is particularly busy, consider using a token system or setting short time limits to ensure everyone gets a chance to voice their concerns.

2. Handling Sensitive Issues

For highly sensitive topics, it might be better to schedule a private meeting, ensuring the concern is addressed appropriately and confidentially.

Wrapping up our imaginary sojourn in the town square, remember, dear SENCOs, that drop-in sessions are more than just meetings. They’re a symbol of inclusivity, openness, and commitment. As you forge ahead, ensuring every voice is heard and every concern addressed, may your tent (or classroom) always be a beacon of hope, understanding, and collaboration in the vast landscape of SEND. Until our next rendezvous, happy hosting!

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