Fostering Resilience Through Reflective Practice Children with Emotional Behavioural Difficulties

by | Jan 12, 2024


Reflective practice stands as a beacon of hope for children grappling with emotional and behavioural difficulties, providing them with the means to not only understand but also navigate and master their internal world within the educational sphere.

Understanding Metacognition:

Reflective practice is a form of metacognition that allows individuals to delve into a deeper understanding of their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours. It’s a self-reflective journey that offers valuable insights, leading to enhanced emotional intelligence and academic and social functioning.

Strategies for Fostering Metacognition:

For educators, engaging in reflective practice is a path to discerning the root causes of each child’s challenges. This insight lays the foundation for tailored strategies and interventions, fostering an empathetic and supportive learning environment that accommodates the unique needs of each child.

Pull-out Quote:

“Through the mirror of reflective practice, children with emotional and behavioural difficulties can see past their challenges to their potential for growth and resilience.”

Metacognitive Skills in Practice:

Encouraging children to partake in self-reflection allows them to take control of their emotional responses and behaviours, developing critical problem-solving skills and resilience to overcome life’s hurdles.

Involving Learners in Metacognitive Processes:

The implementation of reflective practice necessitates a nurturing atmosphere where educators, peers, parents, and caregivers converge to provide comprehensive support. Regular reflective discussions among this network play a pivotal role in reinforcing the child’s progress.


Reflective practice emerges as a transformative approach for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, fostering self-awareness, emotional regulation, and resilience. This collaborative effort enriches the educational environment, ensuring that every child has the support system required to thrive.

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