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Feedback as a Stepping Stone – Encouraging Self-Assessment Amongst Diverse Learners

by | Jan 9, 2024


Feedback is the compass that guides learners on the path to improvement and success. Moving beyond the basics, we delve into transformative feedback strategies that not only facilitate a deeper understanding of one’s progress but also instill a sense of agency and accomplishment in every learner’s educational voyage.

Understanding Metacognition:

Effective feedback acts as a catalyst for metacognitive development. It’s about providing clear, specific insights that learners can internalise, leading to an enhanced ability to self-assess and navigate the academic terrain with confidence and clarity.

Strategies for Fostering Metacognition:

From the power of peer evaluations to the structured guidance of rubrics and criteria, we explore a suite of strategies that place learners at the helm of their self-assessment journey. These approaches empower learners to pinpoint their strengths and areas for growth, transforming them into self-assessment aficionados.

Pull-out Quote:

“Embrace the art of self-assessment; it’s your academic superpower waiting to be unleashed, turning feedback into a roadmap for personal excellence.”

Metacognitive Skills in Practice:

Goal setting is a critical step in the self-assessment process. By targeting SMART goals, learners can effectively chart their progress and celebrate their achievements, fostering a proactive and self-regulated learning approach.

Involving Learners in Metacognitive Processes:

Deep reflection and self-questioning are integral to understanding one’s learning journey. Through introspective questions like “What did I do well?” and “What could I improve?”, learners engage in a metacognitive dialogue that reveals their inner academic prowess and guides their continuous improvement.


Self-assessment is an empowering process, and with the right feedback strategies, it can be significantly amplified. By adopting these metacognitive practices, learners can transform feedback into actionable insights, ensuring they become the architects of their educational success and lifelong learning.

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