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Facilitating Staff Feedback after Externally Attended CPD

by | Oct 12, 2023

Picture this: a crew member of your SENCO ship ventures into foreign waters (externally provided CPD sessions) and returns with a chest full of treasures (knowledge). What’s crucial? Sharing the loot, of course! After all, it’s not just about accumulating treasure, but utilising it for the collective benefit. Dive in with me as we explore how to facilitate feedback and sharing post external CPD adventures.


Why Feedback from Externally Attended CPD Matters


External CPD sessions offer fresh perspectives, methodologies, and strategies. However, if the knowledge remains isolated with the attendee, its potential impact is limited.


  1. Maximising Investment


Schools invest resources in sending staff to external CPD. Facilitating feedback ensures a return on this investment, benefiting the wider team.


  1. Holistic Development


Sharing learnings ensures that the entire team grows, leading to more cohesive and updated approaches.


  1. Problem Solving


An externally attended CPD might offer solutions to challenges the broader team faces, making feedback pivotal.


Strategies for Facilitating Feedback and Sharing


  1. Scheduled Debrief Sessions


Post external CPD, schedule a debrief session where:


– The attendee presents key takeaways.

– Engages in a Q&A with colleagues.

– Offers recommendations on future similar CPD opportunities.


  1. Formal Feedback Forms


Introduce structured feedback forms for staff to:


– Rate the effectiveness and relevance of the session.

– Highlight new strategies or insights gained.

– Suggest actionable steps for implementation.


  1. Integration into Strategy Meetings


During regular strategy or planning meetings:


– Dedicate a segment for discussing CPD learnings.

– Explore how these insights can be weaved into current practices.


  1. Peer-led Workshops


Encourage staff who’ve attended external CPD to:


– Design short workshops, sharing hands-on techniques or tools.

– Facilitate discussions on the applicability of these methods within your school’s context.


  1. Maintain a CPD Knowledge Repository


Create a shared digital space (e.g., an intranet or shared drive) where:


– CPD summaries, resources, or slides can be uploaded.

– Staff can add reflections, ensuring ongoing collaborative learning.


Ensuring Effective Implementation of Learnings


  1. Action Plans: Post feedback, collaboratively design action plans on how to implement the new strategies or insights.


  1. Regular Check-ins: Monitor the integration of these learnings into daily practices, offering support when needed.


  1. Feedback Loop: As new strategies are implemented, encourage staff to share their experiences, leading to continuous refinement.


Navigating back to our ship analogy, dear SENCO captains, remember: a treasure unshared remains unutilised. As we send our crew to distant CPD shores, let’s ensure their return is celebrated, their knowledge disseminated, and the collective wealth of our ship grows. Until our next nautical adventure, may your sails always catch the winds of knowledge and collaboration!

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