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Executive Functioning – Neurodivergent Traits

by | Feb 29, 2024

Executive Functioning – Neurodivergent Traits

by | Feb 29, 2024

This webinar was recorded on 29th Feb 2024 and any information given is correct up to this date.

Join world renowned speaking on executive functioning, Victoria Bagnall as she unpacks the neuroscience behind these challenges and how executive function skills map onto DSM 5 diagnostic criteria.

Why should you attend as a SENCO?

– Deepen your knowledge of executive functioning.

– See neurodivergent traits through a new lens

– Learn powerful strategies to help children in your care.

Speaker Bio

Victoria Bagnall, is a world renowned speaker on executive functioning, brain development and behaviour. She is the co-founder of Connections in Mind (a non-profit organisation) and has dedicated her life to raising awareness about neurological differences, executive functioning and brain states. Her work strives to bring about significant societal change by fostering a culture of neuro-inclusion. As a teacher by profession, her skill lies in communicating complex neuroscientific findings simply and with practical application.

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