Engaging with Your SEND Governor

by | Oct 5, 2023

Engaging with Your SEND Governor

Picture this: You’re Sherlock Holmes, navigating the intricate web of SEND, and who better to be your Dr. Watson than the SEND Governor? Ah, but unlike dear Watson, our Governors might not always be at our immediate beck and call. With this playful imagery in mind, let’s delve into the realm of engaging with our SEND Governors and why it’s vital to have that metaphorical pipe and magnifying glass ready for our joint investigative endeavours.

Who is the SEND Governor?

Before diving into the depths of engagement, let’s first identify this key player. The SEND Governor is a member of the school’s governing body with a specific responsibility to ensure that the school makes appropriate provision for its students with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Oversight: The SEND Governor keeps an overview of the school’s SEND provision, ensuring it aligns with the statutory requirements.

2. Liaison: They act as the primary link between the governing body and the SENCO, facilitating communication and understanding.

3. Champion for SEND: The SEND Governor is an advocate for SEND within the governing body, ensuring the needs of SEND pupils are prioritised and adequately met.

The Value of Regular Interactions

Engaging with the SEND Governor isn’t just a mere formality; it’s a collaboration that shapes the very foundations of your SEND approach.

Shaping the SEND Strategy

Your discussions with the SEND Governor can heavily influence the school’s broader SEND strategy. By sharing insights, data, and feedback, you collectively shape policies and approaches that best serve the interests of the pupils.

Budgetary Discussions

The SEND Governor can be instrumental in budgetary decisions. With their understanding of the broader school financial landscape and your detailed knowledge of SEND needs, together you can ensure the budget is allocated efficiently and effectively.

Seeking Support

Sometimes, SENCOs might face challenges that require intervention at a higher governance level. The SEND Governor can act as your advocate, ensuring your concerns are voiced and addressed at governing body meetings.

Making the Most of Your Meetings

To maximise the outcomes from your interactions with the SEND Governor:

1. Be Prepared: Have a clear agenda for each meeting. Whether it’s discussing the SEND policy, budgetary needs, or training requirements, clarity can drive productive discussions.

2. Share Success Stories: It’s not all about challenges. Share the positive outcomes, successes, and progress that the SEND department has achieved. It’s both motivational and informative.

3. Seek Feedback: The SEND Governor, with their unique position and perspective, can provide invaluable feedback on various initiatives and strategies.

In concluding our literary jaunt today, let’s circle back to our original analogy. Sherlock without Watson? Inconceivable! Similarly, a SENCO’s mission, though noble and achievable solo, becomes far richer and more effective with regular consultations with their trusty SEND Governor. So, don your detective hats, ensure your meetings are frequent and fruitful, and together, uncover the best paths forward for SEND provision. Until our next narrative adventure, happy sleuthing!



SENsible SENCO Blogger

Violet is our SENsible SENCO blogger, independently writting and learning about SEND in schools, she works hard to talk about the basics of being a SENCO.  Her posts are there as reminders of good practice for SENCOs and teachers in short easy to read passages.

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