Unlocking Learning: Rossie Stone’s Dual Coding Revolution with Comics

by | Sep 30, 2023

Unlocking Learning: Rossie Stone’s Dual Coding Revolution with Comics

by | Sep 30, 2023

Reflecting on Dual Coding and Comics: Rossie Stone’s Journey

A New Perspective on Learning

In an insightful session, Rossie Stone shared his personal journey with dyslexia and how it led him to explore dual coding as a means to overcome learning barriers. His story illuminated the struggles many SEND pupils face and underscored the importance of adapting learning styles to individual needs.

The Power of Interest-Driven Learning

Rossie discussed the pivotal moment when he embraced comics as a learning tool, a change that not only made learning enjoyable but also significantly improved his academic performance and life. This approach, grounded in dual coding theory, demonstrates the profound impact of making learning interesting and accessible.

Overcoming Barriers with Creativity

Attendees were introduced to the concept of dual coding in its broadest sense and how combining visual elements with text can break down traditional barriers to learning. Rossie’s initiative, Dekko Comics, exemplifies this by providing educational content in an engaging, comic book format that speaks to children of all learning styles, particularly aiding those with dyslexia.

Dekko Comics: A Global Revolution

Founded in 2016, Dekko Comics has grown into a global phenomenon, reaching schools and individuals worldwide. Rossie highlighted how these comics, designed with a dyslexia-friendly font and colour coding, make learning fun and accessible. His passion for changing educational approaches shines through his work and advocacy, aiming to transform the world one child at a time.

Interactive Q&A: Insights and Inspirations

The session concluded with a vibrant Q&A, where Rossie and attendees exchanged ideas, experiences, and strategies for implementing dual coding and comics in educational settings. The dialogue enriched participants’ understanding and provided practical tips for integrating these innovative approaches into their teaching practices.

Rossie Stone’s webinar left a lasting impression, inspiring educators to rethink traditional teaching methods and consider the unique needs of each learner. His message resonates deeply: by embracing creativity and individual interests, we can unlock the potential in every child, making learning a journey of discovery and joy.

This webinar has not only provided valuable insights into overcoming dyslexia and other learning challenges but also opened up new pathways for engaging and effective education.

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