Delivering Staff CPD: Preparation and Follow-Up

by | Oct 11, 2023

Imagine being a chef, curating a recipe, diligently preparing it, and then serving a dish that everyone remembers for a long time. That’s what delivering impactful staff CPD feels like! But how do we ensure that the delicacies we serve – the CPD sessions – are not just enjoyed momentarily but are truly savoured and integrated into daily practices? Let’s embark on a culinary journey of CPD preparation and follow-up.


The Recipe for Effective CPD Delivery


  1. Understand the Ingredients (Needs Analysis)


Before planning a session, ascertain the needs of your staff. Consider:


– Conducting surveys to gauge interest areas.

– Reviewing past performance metrics to identify skill gaps.

– Having informal discussions to gather insights into challenges faced.


  1. Choose the Right Recipe (Session Design)


With your needs analysis in hand, tailor your session content. Ensure that:


– The content aligns with identified needs.

– The information is current, evidence-based, and relevant.

– There’s a balance between theory and practical application.


  1. Taste as You Go (Engage and Iterate)


During the session:


– Foster interactive discussions, encouraging questions and reflections.

– Use real-life examples and scenarios for relatability.

– Continuously gauge understanding and adjust your delivery accordingly.


After Serving: Ensuring the Dish is Savoured


  1. Gather Immediate Feedback


Post-session, collect feedback. Understand:


– What resonated most with the attendees?

– Were there any areas of confusion?

– How do they intend to implement the learnings?


  1. Regularly Check the Temperature (Follow-Up)


To ensure the learnings are being applied:


– Schedule periodic check-ins or observations.

– Encourage staff to share examples of how they’ve implemented the CPD insights.

– Foster a culture where staff feel comfortable discussing challenges in applying new knowledge, allowing for troubleshooting.


  1. Offer a Refresher Course


After some time, offer refresher sessions or advanced modules to build on the initial learnings. This reinforces the importance of continuous professional growth.


Evidence of Application: The Proof is in the Pudding


How do we know they’ve truly imbibed what was shared?


  1. Observations: Witnessing the practical application of CPD learnings in classrooms or sessions.


  1. Feedback Loops: Encourage a two-way dialogue. Have staff share successes and challenges post-CPD.


  1. Performance Metrics: Any notable shifts in pupil outcomes, teaching methodologies, or even feedback from pupils and parents can indicate successful CPD integration.


  1. Peer Discussions: Facilitate forums where staff can share experiences, offering peer insights into the practical application of CPD content.


In conclusion, fellow culinary SENCOs, delivering impactful staff CPD isn’t just about the initial preparation and serving. It’s about ensuring that every morsel of knowledge is truly savoured, digested, and utilised for long-term nourishment. As we don our chef hats and curate our next CPD dish, let’s make it memorable, actionable, and truly delectable. Until our next cook-off, happy curating!

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