Collaborative Transition Planning: Involving Parents and Carers

by | Dec 20, 2023


Parents and carers are indispensable allies in the educational journey of SEND pupils, particularly during transitions. Their involvement in transition planning can make a substantial difference in the effectiveness of support provided. In this post, we will discuss the critical role of parental involvement, explore strategies for enhancing communication and joint planning, and look at real-life examples where this collaboration has led to successful transitions. 

The Importance of Parental Involvement:

Parents and carers often provide the continuous thread of support throughout a child’s education. Their deep understanding of their child’s needs, strengths, and preferences is invaluable in planning transitions, whether daily or at key stages in the pupil’s education. 

Strategies for Effective Communication: To facilitate meaningful collaboration, here are some strategies: 

  1. Regular Meetings: Schedule regular meetings with parents and carers to discuss transition plans, progress, and concerns. This could be in person, via phone, or through virtual conferencing platforms. 
  2. Clear Information Sharing: Use clear, jargon-free communication in all correspondence. Consider using various formats, such as newsletters, emails, and visual guides, to ensure information is accessible to all. 
  3. Feedback Loops: Establish a system for ongoing feedback from parents and carers, acknowledging their insights and incorporating their suggestions where appropriate. 

Joint Planning for Transitions:

Joint planning is a collaborative effort that should actively involve parents and carers: 

  1. Co-Created Transition Documents: Develop transition plans and individualised education plans (IEPs) in partnership with parents and carers, ensuring that their child’s needs are fully represented. 
  2. Home-Based Strategies: Work with parents to develop strategies that can be used at home to reinforce and complement school-based transition plans. 
  3. Training and Workshops: Offer training sessions or workshops for parents and carers on strategies to support transitions at home, building their capacity to aid their child’s development. 

Pull-out Quote:

“Parents and carers bring a wealth of insight into transition planning, making them invaluable partners in crafting a seamless educational experience for SEND pupils.” 


Recognising parents and carers as critical partners in transition planning is fundamental to the success of SEND pupils. By engaging in active, ongoing collaboration, educators can ensure that transition strategies are robust, personalised, and effective. We encourage schools to adopt these strategies and to celebrate the shared successes of our collective efforts. 

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