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Building a Winning Team as a SENCO – Strategies for Collaboration

by | Apr 24, 2024

Let’s Build a Winning Team: How SENCOs Can Create Better Staff Collaboration

Are you ready to dive into what it really takes to build a successful team in your school?

Whether you’re a seasoned SENCO or just starting out, you might be wondering how you can shake up the dynamics to better support your staff and boost student success.

You’re in the right place! This guide is packed with practical strategies and tips to help you foster outstanding collaboration among your team members. It’s all about making your educational environment a place where everyone can thrive.

Ready to explore some fresh ideas to enhance your leadership skills and create a more cohesive unit? Let’s kick things off and discover how you can bring out the best in your team and really make a difference in your school!

Welcome Aboard: Why Being a SENCO Means Being a Great Team Leader

Stepping into your role as a SENCO, you might be thinking about the best ways to lead and support your team. How can you encourage your staff to work together smoothly and feel motivated about their roles? It’s not just about managing; it’s about inspiring and guiding effectively. Here are some useful ideas and business concepts that you can adapt to the unique challenges of a school environment.

Leadership Styles and Their Impact

Are you more of a hands-on leader or do you prefer to set the vision and let others take the helm on projects? Let’s talk about a couple of leadership styles that might resonate with you:

  • Transformational Leadership: This style is all about inspiring your team. It’s perfect if you love encouraging creativity and innovation. Think of it as leading by example and pushing everyone to rise above their usual limits.
  • Servant Leadership: Here, the clue is in the name—serve your team’s needs first. This approach works wonders in building trust and can be incredibly rewarding in a school setting where everyone’s input is valuable.  Let’s just add helping your team first doesn’t mean being the donkey and carrying the load, it means being there for them before anything else, remember SENCO is a “coordiation” role, not so much a “doing” role.  So, remind your team of their roles, buy use some of the below!

Emotional Intelligence

Navigating the emotional waters of a diverse team doesn’t have to be daunting. Here’s why emotional intelligence (EI) is your best friend:

  • Understanding and empathy: These EI components help you gauge how your team feels and what they need from you to succeed, making it easier to support and motivate everyone.
  • Conflict management: Ever find yourself in the middle of a spat at work? EI is invaluable for dealing with these situations smoothly so that they don’t escalate and affect team morale.  Yes, it’s hard to think about your EI when your overworked and tired, I know this too well!  Catch me after 15 hours of combined work (Managing SENsible SENCO for 4 hours, then trucking for another 11) you’ll find I used to have a very short and sarcastic fuse.  But knowing when you are getting close to that stage and stepping back to reflect is a great use of EI to monitor your own mental state.

Strategic Communication

Got something important to share with the team? How you communicate can make all the difference. Here are a couple of pointers:

  • Keep everyone in the loop: Regular, clear updates help prevent misunderstandings and keep the team united in their goals. Don’t repeat the same thing week on week, keep **it simple is always a great mantra to use.
  • Encourage feedback: Make it easy for your team to come to you with their ideas or concerns. This not only helps them feel valued but also can give you new perspectives on how to do things better.

Team Building Activities

Last but not least, let’s not forget the fun part—team building! Here are a few activities that can help strengthen those professional bonds:

  • Workshops and training sessions: These aren’t just educational; they’re also a great way to break the ice and get team members to mingle.
  • Group outings: Whether it’s a meal out or an adventure park visit, spending time together outside of work can help everyone gel.  Or of course come and join us in Nottingham on 13th/14th Feb for SENsible25 – SENCO team building pub quiz anyone?

By integrating these strategies into your role as a SENCO, you can help create a supportive and dynamic team environment. Not only does this improve the workplace atmosphere, but it also leads to better results for your students. Let’s make it happen together!


Image shows a group of SENCOs team building together at SENsible24. They are grouped on a stage and there is text around where and when the conference is.

There are many options for building a successful team, but our SENCO Conference has to be one of the more enjoyable.  Learn, laugh and love in our not-so-SENsible style.

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