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Bandura’s Beliefs: Modelling Resilience

by | Sep 18, 2023

Today, we’re stepping into the world of social learning theory with the one and only Albert Bandura. Get ready to discover how this theory isn’t just about observing and imitating; it’s about becoming the superheroes of resilience in your special education classroom. So, put on your capes and let’s dive into how Bandura’s beliefs can light up the path of growth for our exceptional learners.


 Unmasking Bandura’s Social Learning


Imagine a student watching their classmates attempt a challenging task. As they observe their peers tackle obstacles with determination, something magical happens – their belief in their own abilities begins to spark. This, my friends, is the essence of Bandura’s social learning theory. He believed that learning doesn’t just happen through textbooks; it’s a dance of observing, imitating, and believing in one’s own potential.


Now, how does this play out in the special education realm? Imagine a student who’s been struggling with a task, convinced that success is out of reach. Here’s where Bandura’s cape comes in. By showcasing examples of peers who’ve overcome similar challenges, you’re not just teaching; you’re being the living proof that resilience is contagious.


SENCO Superheroes: Modelling Resilience


Let’s infuse some SENCO superhero magic into Bandura’s theory. Imagine a student who’s facing a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, like climbing Mount Everest without ropes. As a SENCO, you’re the sherpa, guiding them through the treacherous terrain of doubt. By sharing stories of students who’ve conquered their own Everest, you’re not just teaching; you’re sculpting the belief that they, too, can reach the summit.


Consider a student who’s hesitant to ask for help due to a fear of failure. Here’s where Bandura’s theory transforms you into the superhero of resilience. By showing vulnerability and sharing your own stories of overcoming challenges, you’re breaking down the walls of fear and building bridges of trust.


 Key Takeaway:


SENCOs, remember that Bandura’s theory isn’t just about imitation; it’s about illumination. As you guide your students through the journey of learning, don’t just teach them facts; model resilience, determination, and the belief that growth is within reach. You’re not just showing them the path; you’re walking it alongside them, lighting it up with the glow of your own experiences. So, don your superhero cape and let the magic of Bandura’s beliefs shine in your classroom!

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